How to Keep Glass From Sliding on Wood Table?

How to Keep Glass From Sliding on Wood Table?

The glass tops on the wood table look chic and classical. They add a sense of soft décor to your place. Furthermore, it can lighten up the room’s vibe in styling.

How to Keep Glass From Sliding on Wood Table? You can keep the glass from sliding on wood table with the help of epoxy glue, rubber bumper pads, and Velcro mounting tape. Moreover, you can use a glass tabletop adapter and a heavy glass top.

It is a challenging task to take care of glass tops as they can shatter and break easily. Therefore, the only purpose they serve is decoration and styling. 

Epoxy glue

You can use other kinds of glue to secure the glass shield on the wood table, but every glue will have a different type of strength.

The glue gun will be a better choice as you can take out the amount you want because it will be in your control.

The same will not happen when you squeeze the glue out from the tube because it can come out more than needed.

The glue can spill in other places, and you will have extra work to remove it. 

However, you should know that wood and glass are two different materials as you are about to secure them together with glue.

Epoxy glue is an excellent choice because it dries quickly and clearly. In addition, you require glue that should not leave a visible stain of glue.

Furthermore, it has high strength and better shock-resistant ability. Therefore, mixing it with a hardener is better to enhance its effectiveness.

It is better to lift the transparent top off the table and put it carefully on the side. Clean the table surface so no dirt and dust can affect the process.

Apply the glue on the area of the table where the transparent top and wood make contact. Be careful not to spill it anywhere else except the required spots.

Place the top on the surface while the glue is wet and clamp it down with a little force.

The epoxy adhesive will ensure that the glass stays on the top and does not slip anytime soon.

Rubber bumper pads

The rubber bumper pads are self-adhesive stickers that have good adhesive qualities. They are tiny clear plastic-like pads in a round shape mostly.

Furthermore, they are available in a pack of several small rubber bumper pads. They are also available in other shapes, in case you need to put them for large objects.

They are the most common solution to sliding the glass from the wood table. It is perfect for slippery and smooth surfaces as it can ensure a strong attachment to the table.

You cannot just take it out from the pack and stick it on the table’s surface. It will not stick, and you will have to face the problem of it sliding from the surface.

In addition, you should start the process by lifting the transparent top of the table. However, you must raise it carefully because it is fragile and can slip.

Take a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the surface. This step is essential for the firm application of rubber bumper pads.

Next, remove the rubber bumper pad from the package and avoid touching the sticking side because the oil from your fingertips can make it lose the adhesive.

Place the sticker on the wood surface on the spots where the transparent top will make contact. Put a little force, so it sticks well to the pad.

Velcro mounting tape

The Velcro mounting tape is a double-sided tape, but it is not an adhesive. So it comes in the packaging in two separate strips. 

Both strips are double-sided tape, but both have different sticking types on the other sides. For example, one strip has a loop side that is soft and fuzzy.

The other strip has a hook side which is rough. Both strips attach with the help of a connection between hooks and loops.

The Velcro stick on seems like it will not be effective in attacking heavy objects to each other, but it gives an excellent and strong connection.

You can trust it to fix your glass top to the wooden table. Clean the table and transparent surfaces with lint cloth and rubbing alcohol.

The surface should be well-cleaned because the Velcro tape has to be stuck properly. Stick one strip beneath the glass and one on the top surface of the table.

Connect them both carefully and put pressure so that both can attach well.

Glass tabletop adapter

The glass top adapters are widely used to secure glass tops on wooden tables. However, they are made of steel and are used for metal tables.

They look elegant and add décor to the wooden table. You can fix them on a wooden surface and put them on them with the help of glue.

There is another way to fix the glass with the help of a tabletop adapter. They are like iron rods; the top surface can be separated from the rod.

The bottom of this rod is fixable with nuts. You should mark the areas on the surface of the wood where you want to drill the screws.

Drill the screws on those marks and fix the bolts around them. Now, pick the adapter and revolve them around the nuts.

Next, you need to remove the top round surface of the rod. Put the glass top on it, and the top should also have holes to pass the screws of the surface of the tabletop adapter.

Pass the screw through the glass and tighten them.

Heavy glass top

The heavy glass top is enough to make it safe from sliding. This is suitable for the tables which have a flat wooden surface already.

It should be the size of the top surface of the wooden table. The transparent top will not budge from its place and not even slip because of its weight.

This option is better if you do not want to fix them permanently and you have to lift them to clean the table.

You can also go for a solution where you only need to put heavy objects so they will not slip from their place.  

Moreover, the heavy objects provide support to the surface they are placed on and do not give it a chance for it to budge.

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