How Often to Replace Living Room Furniture?

How Often to Replace Living Room Furniture?

Handle the furniture of the living room with care as it is representative of your home. In addition, the guest spends their time in the lounge, so their seating items need to be maintained and clean.

How Often to Replace Living Room Furniture? You should replace living room furniture when you see signs of wear & tear, cracks & creaking, and staining & fading. For example, you can replace the couches after 12 to 15 years, tables after 7 to 8 years, and sofa chairs after 15 to 18 years.

A fresh-looking living room enhances the styling and uplifts the mood as well.

How often do you need to replace the living room furniture?

Every member of the family uses the furniture in the living room more than the furniture in their bedroom. As a result, the living room is a place where you welcome your guests.

It needs maintenance and cleanliness because it represents the manner of your décor. You want to place the pieces of good quality furniture for this purpose.


The couches usually serve you for 5 to 18 years. Therefore, you can expect them to be replaceable soon in case you do not practice maintenance.

The sofas and couches are used more frequently than any other furniture in the lounge. This is because you sit and rest on it for hours.

Moreover, more than one person occupies it at the same time. Therefore, you need to replace them if it already has spent 10 to 15 years in your house.

However, it is better to replace it if your kids have grown up and require a large space on the couch. The 15 years old couch can become small for them in comparison to when they were kids.


This includes all kinds of tables in a living room, such as side, coffee, sofa, and console tables.

All of them are placed in a lounge to enhance the décor and functionality of the lounge. In addition, these tables are highly useful in maximizing storage.

The tables are used in a rough manner because you put almost everything on them, including coffee mugs, as their bottom leaves the rings of coffee. 

Furthermore, the quality of wood determines the life span and longevity of any furniture. It happens that the material is a mix of wood and PVC sheets which fastens the damage.

The spilling of water can make it swell and ruin the table. Therefore, it is better to maintain this type of furniture.

The wooden tables can serve you well for 5 to 8 years. This depends on their maintenance because they are the focal point of a living room.


The sideboards are a piece of good quality wooden furniture because it is their job to store heavy things.

Their strengthening feature can make you think you can use them roughly, but they need maintenance and care. 

You can replace them if they have any cracked or damaged part which is visible and affects the overall aesthetic of the lounge.

Furthermore, you can think of replacing them when you have a change of mind and want to get a new modern sideboard that will uplift the style more.

In another case, you can think about replacing it when you are shifting, and its size is not suitable for your new place.

Sofa chairs

Good leather sofa chairs can last for 20 years with proper cleaning and care. In addition, wooden chairs without upholstery can last longer as compared to foam-filled sofa chairs.

However, there is an expiration date for everything, and these sofa chairs are bound to expire one day. Their seats can wear out, and they are not comfortable anymore. 

Moreover, the lightweight sofa chair is not able to last longer. Quality is an essential factor for any furniture to last longer.

The low-quality furniture can only last for five years maximum.  

Why should you replace the living room furniture?

You should replace your furniture when it starts showing signs of getting old and non-functionality. 

Moreover, it becomes essential to change them when they are not giving you comfort.

Wear & Tear

The replacement of furniture becomes essential when its fabric starts to tear. For example, the fabric sofa and chairs can easily tear when a slightly pointy thing touches them.

Furthermore, the stitches of furniture, which is covered in fabric, start to loosen, and it can tear even more if you do not fix it on time.

It will eventually damage the covering of the sofa and sofa chairs. In addition, the tables, such as ottomans, are also covered in fabric such as leather, linen, and velvet.

A slight strike can cause them to wear and tear when they are already near to damage. Therefore, stitching them back will not ensure a longer lifespan.

It will also look weird and ugly, especially if it is visible to the naked eye.


The cracks can make your living room furniture look bad when they are the focal point of the lounge. A lounge is a place where you welcome and host your guests.

It will be embarrassing to hear a creaking sound whenever they get in and out of the sofas and chairs.

It gives an impression of poor maintenance and makes them think that you are careless about your furniture.

Moreover, you should not ignore the creaking sound because it shows that there is a loose connection that can break soon.

It can lead to higher chances of injury. Furthermore, you should not ignore the cracks in the wood, which can break the table with a minor strike.

However, the cracks in leather couches and chairs are not repairable. Therefore, they cannot look like versatile parts of the lounge once they start to have deep lines of cracks.

Staining & Fading

The staining and fading can become irresistible to cleaning when they find their way deep into the fabrics.

It is not possible to not spill food or drinks on the couches. It can happen a few times, but it should not occur frequently.

You cannot clean them repeatedly as the cleaner can weaken the fabric. In addition, it can cause the sofa to become more vulnerable to the absorption of oils from food.

Furthermore, the fabric starts to fade over time when you use them with carelessness. The dirt can permanently cover the fabric of the couch and discolor the fabric.

The fabric will lose its shine and fresh color over time. It is better to change it on time so you can get good money from replacing it.

Worn out mattress

The mattress of the sofa or chairs can wear out eventually, and you do not feel more comfortable as when they were new.

It can lose its firmness and flexibility over years of consistent use. It is time to replace them when you are lying on the sofa and feel tired when you get up.

The visible sign is the sinking of the sofa seats, which disturbs the décor of the entire living area. You should replace them because you cannot fix this issue yourself.

How to make living room furniture last longer?

You can make your living room furniture last longer with the help of maintenance and proper cleaning habits.

You should deep clean your fabric sofa and chairs with fabric cleaners and some household items such as vinegar and baking soda.

The essential and leather oils for leather couches are effective in prolonging their life span. 

Furthermore, you should not make it a habit of eating on the couches when you have a dining table and chairs.

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