How to Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell on Furniture?

How to Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell on Furniture?

Spray painting on furniture is a fun activity that helps renew your old products, but it leaves a foul odor that can persist for many days.

How to Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell on Furniture? You can get rid of the spray paint smell on furniture by placing a pouch of charcoal, onions, and a bowl of coffee grounds in the room. In addition, a bowl of white vinegar, lemon water, or baking soda can also help avoid the paint smell. Furthermore, you can improve ventilation, use air purifiers, and put cotton balls dipped in vanilla extract close to the furniture.

You can follow preventive measures to reduce the paint smell, as using low VOC spray paints and proper ventilation can help overcome the bad odor.

In addition, it is better to give time for drying the first layer before applying the second layer and proceed to paint when there is low humidity in the external environment.

A bucket of clean water, natural extracts of vinegar and peppermint, and scented candles are good alternatives for removing the bad smell of paint on furniture.

Put a pouch of charcoal 

Charcoal has a good absorbing capacity and absorbs the smell of spray paint molecules on wooden furniture when you place it close to it.

It is a porous material that is safe and effective at absorbing molecules in only a few hours. It is available in the form of desiccant bags, pellets, powder, and even capsules or soaps are there.

Moreover, it is an inexpensive choice to deal with a bad smell that can selectively absorb paint’s fumes and removes them from the air.

It is better to put activated charcoal in a bag or pouch, put it in a room having unpleasant fumes, and leave it overnight.

Furthermore, you can put bamboo charcoal inside a small bucket with a large surface area and many small pores that can easily trap odor molecules.

It allows air to pass through microscopic pores even after capturing these molecules. So, you have to place a bucket or bag filled with charcoal for 24 hours to make your room odor-free.

Put slices of onions

Onions have a strong odor that can easily overcome any other smell; that’s why they can be used to remove the spray paint smell of furniture.

Many people do not like its pungent odor as it can cause tears due to the high quantity of sulphuric compounds that can irritate the eyes.

Cut thick slices of onion or divide it into two halves and put each piece at different corners of the room.

It takes almost 24 to 48 hours to remove the unpleasant fumes; otherwise, you can leave the onion there until the smell disappears.

Furthermore, discard the used onion after 2 days as they have absorbed volatile organic compounds and are not suitable for consumption.

Use coffee ground or beans

Coffee ground adds a pleasant aroma to the room and removes the paint smell on the furniture.

It is also used as an air freshener to make you feel energetic and create a relaxing environment in the room.

You have to place a handful of beans of coffee in different corners of the room that can efficiently remove the unpleasant smell by overpowering the bad odor molecules.

Furthermore, the coffee ground can also be used by adding 5 to 7 tablespoons of powder in a small bowl and placing it in the room corner.

You can remove the beans and a bowl from the room later if you do not like its odor, as not everyone likes coffee and its smell.

Place a bowl of vinegar

Vinegar has a strong aroma that can mitigate the smell of paint by absorbing the molecules. I always use white vinegar and apple cider vinegar as they are effective in reducing odor.

In addition, it can remove the paint smell on wooden and plastic furniture by breaking down the volatile organic compounds.

Dilute it in water before applying it on plastic furniture, as its acidic nature can damage it. Clean the furniture surface after using the solution as it is not suitable for furniture for a long time.

Turn on the fan for quick drying and evaporation of odor molecules. Avoid frequent use of vinegar solution as it can pose a risk of corrosion by removing the paint layer.

Furthermore, you can fill a bowl of vinegar solution and leave it in the corner of the room for 24 hours, as it can neutralize bad odor molecules within a day.

It is better to use white vinegar in the kitchen, commonly having more acetic acid than culinary white vinegar with only 5% acetic acid.

Use lemon water or baking soda

It is better to choose natural remedies like lemon juice, baking soda, or peppermint to get rid of the smell of paint on furniture.

Get a medium size lemon and squeeze it into a water bowl to add a small quantity of juice. You can also put thin slices of lemon into a water bowl to reduce the room’s irritating smell.

Keep the bowl in the room for a day or two to mask the unpleasant odor, or you can keep them for more than 2 days if it still persists.

Additionally, lemon has a soothing aroma that leaves a fresh scent in the room, so you can also keep a bucket of lemon water in the room while painting.

Many people add baking soda in a cup and place it in 2 to 3 locations near the furniture. It helps to get rid of this odor.

Use an air purifier

An air purifier can help remove the spray paint smell or volatile organic compounds and make your room free of foul odor.

It destroys the molecular structure and cleans the air.

Moreover, air purifiers have membranous filters that can be permanent or replaceable and can remove toxic chemicals from the air.

They do not pull out or absorb the molecules but can destroy odor molecules to reduce their concentration in the surroundings.

The time taken by air purifiers to make your room free of bad odor is almost 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on its settings, intensity of smell, and room size.

Improve ventilation in the room

Better ventilation can help reduce the bad smell of paint on furniture as it allows fresh air to pass into the room.

It is essential to keep doors and windows open for almost 2 to 3 days after painting furniture, as small VOCs take time to dissipate.

Moreover, you can switch on all the fans to allow better airflow and quick removal of odor molecules, as they can efficiently whisk fumes and kick them out of the room.

Ceilings fans can be enough if the smell is not strong, but you have to add some extra box fans in the center to deal with strong odors that need to be angled towards the door or windows.

Furthermore, it is essential to close air vents and air-conditioning systems to avoid the movement of terrible odor molecules into the rest of the house.

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