How Much Does it Cost to Make a Couch?

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Couch?

Making a couch is challenging with DIY methods and without professional help. It is an expensive procedure, involves different tools, and requires high expertise. 

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Couch? The average cost to make a couch is $1600 to $1900, depending on its size, fabric, springs, and the quality of the wood. $1600 to $4500 for 3-seat, and wood costs you $8 to $8.07 for 15 board feet. Fabric for a couch costs $890 to $895; upholstery price is $503 to $4450; springs are $4 to $83, and paint price is $205 to $495.

With low-quality upholstery, you can reduce the manufacturing cost from $1200 to $1400. These couches are not durable; their springs break and cushion sags. 

What is the average cost to make a couch?

The average cost to make a couch is from $1600 to $1990. However, it varies according to its type and size. 

For a three-seat sofa, the range can reach $1600 to $4500. Different factors affect manufacturing costs and can increase expenses due to insufficient skills. 

Manufacturing material

Their covering material determines their total manufacturing price. For example, wooden-based options are slightly less expensive to make than steel-based. 

Moreover, the price of the wood is $538 to $539 for one thousand board feet. A standard wood sofa can only utilize 15 board feet of wood for the frame, which is $8 to $8.07. 

It is 34 inches high from the ground with 3-pillows. It has a width of 90 inches and a depth of 38 inches. Loveseats are small that require less manufacturing material and covering fabric. 

Furthermore, they have high manufacturing prices due to their layouts. Five-seat options have more space with a depth of 38 inches and a height of 34 inches. 

Fabric and number of seats

A two-seat sofa requires a fabric of 13 to 14 meters. The 3-seat requires 17 to 18 meters of cloth to hide the cushions.

Moreover, four seats require more cloth of 21 to 22 meters. The length of the cloth changes according to the dimensions and number of pillows. 

The covering material for a sectional couch costs $890 to $895. Therefore, its cost is $295 to $298 for a loveseat. 

However, more seats increase the length of the couches. For one cushion, you require fabric of 1 to 1.5 yards. 

But, a two-cushion layout comprises 15 to 16 yards of fabric. Also, the three pillows need a cloth of 17 to 18 yards. 

However, you can purchase the fabric for $6 to $19 per yard across the USA. The price varies according to the type, design, and material quality.

Cost of upholstery 

Upholstery is the coverage of the sofa frame with padding. It includes the webbing, springs, and fabric to some extent. The average cost to upholster a standard couch is $503 to $4450. 

A few professionals charge you $1790 to $1795 for the upholstery. However, the labor charges are nearly $42 to $99. 

The professionals purchase and use the cloth in these customized procedures. During upholstery, the fabric is $11 to $69 per yard. 

You can upholster a loveseat for $497 to $498. It depends on the cloth quality and the strength of the springs. For padding, you can use high-quality foam and keep its depth according to the standard limits. 

During upholstery, you can use leather material to cover the frame. However, leather is expensive due to its durability and high performance. 

In addition, it can repel water and resist heat. The average price to upholster a sectional sofa with leather costs you $1490 to $1498. 

Cushion, Springs, and paint

The springs are the fixing points that attach the cushions to the frame. They have different types, and you can use them according to their design.

They improve their flexibility and increase the comfort of a sitting person. On different options, you can access the sofa coil and sinuous springs. 

Pirelli webbing is present on different types of couches. In addition, you can purchase the sinuous springs in pairs with an average cost of $27 to $83. 

Sofa coil springs are flexible, can bend according to the requirements, and are less expensive than other options.

The average price of the coil springs for the cushion seats is $4 to $7. Pirelli webbing may cost you $3.9 to $5 for one foot.

However, their adjustment is complicated and charges you $222 to $399.

A few people paint their couches to improve their appearance. The average price to paint the frame of your sofa charge you nearly $205 to $495.

How do you make a couch with the DIY method?

You can make a sofa at home by using the following method. It is a DIY technique that involves additional effort and multiple tools. 

For making a couch, select high-quality wood and sketch a design. Use a sharp electric machine to cut the wooden boards according to the layout and size of your couch. 

Add marks on the wooden board for precise cutting techniques. First of all, make the bottom portion of the frame. Join the parts with mortise and Tenon joints and efficient bolts. 

These are mechanical joints with high flexibility. Their adjustment is a time-consuming procedure and provides exceptional results. 

You can use pocket screws to join the other parts of the wood. Start the webbing procedure to stabilize the pillows in the sitting area. 

With a stapling tool, adjust one end and then stretch it opposite. Use the stretcher for webbing and adjust the metallic nails.

The webbing makes a complete bed for balancing the cushions. You can add additional staples to stabilize the sitting area. 

Apply the stain-resistant coating material over the frame. You can apply a thin layer of paint on the wooden surface to conceal scratches and lines. 

Select the cushions according to the length of the couch frame. You can add 2 to 3 cushions in the middle section. Fix them in the edges of the armrest and fix the fabric with staples. 

How long does it take to make a couch?

The average time to make a standard couch is 305 to 599 hours. Only skilled labor can complete the task in this duration. 

For a non-skilled person, the procedure can take 24 to 30 days. In addition, multi-seat sofas are complicated and require more time for construction.

With the help of an expert friend, you can make it in 450 to 550 hours. The time varies according to available tools and expertise.

You can make its frame with the help of a carpenter in 305 to 420 hours. Motorized hammers, saws, and drills reduce the time.

Also, they make the procedure comfortable, and you can take intervals.

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