Are IKEA Measurements in Inches or Centimeters?

Are IKEA Measurements in Inches or Centimeters?

Every 2.54 cm makes one inch; the centimeters are shorter than inches, and the USA prefers inches for IKEA measurements. The location of the IKEA selling store has the most significant impact on the SI unit of measurement.

Are IKEA Measurements in Inches or Centimeters? IKEA measurements are in centimeters in Sweden due to the metric system in factories and selling stores. It is in Inches in the USA due to the imperial system, calibrated measuring tools, location of a furniture store, comprehension of sizes, convertible units, and cost reduction.

You can also convert inches into centimeters and vice versa. These sizes are mentioned on the side of the furniture or in its package.

What is the measurement unit of IKEA?

IKEA is a Swedish furniture-making and selling company made by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. Since then, its manufacturing factories have had the metric system for measurement. 

In its factories, the workers use centimeters because it is a Swedish company that follows the conversion rules separately. In addition, the company sells and exports different furniture items to the United States of America. 

For the convenience of American customers, the company provides measurements in inches because the USA utilizes the traditional imperial to measure furniture dimensions. 

All the IKEA stores in Sweden sell their furniture according to metrics. Therefore, their customers are familiar with the centimeters and understand the measurements due to the traditional method. 

In Sweden, the SI is centimeters in the factories and selling stores. However, the metric depends on the powers of ten. 

It is a decimal, and conversions are challenging for a few countries with imperial. However, you can achieve discrete values with correct calculations and conversions. 

Like Sweden, the UK has used the metric system since 1965. Centimeters are for measurement in the United Kingdom to compete with the ruler accuracy of different countries. 

Why are IKEA measurements in inches in the USA?

Generally, the imperial system for measurement dominates the metric. However, due to the following reasons, IKEA in America uses inches to measure.

The imperial system

It is a British imperial system with accurate results. In the 19th century, the British government launched it. Later, the United States achieved independence from the British government.

But, they kept the system due to its precision and accuracy. After some time, the metric achieves popularity in the world. 

The USA stuck to this system and continued it for précised measurement. However, it depends on the inch, yard, foot, and miles. 

For weight, it has pounds and ounces. In the United States of America, its sellers use imperial for measurement. During export, Swedish IKEA provides converted values for the convenience of customers. 

Measuring tools and calibration

Due to classic measurement methods, the measuring tools of the United States are according to the imperia. Moreover, they have calibration in inches for the correct evaluation of size. 

In the initial stages, the factories had this system in all countries. The US government has continued similar calibration and tools for calculating the dimensions of IKEA furniture. 

The factory workers have training according to these inches for the calculation procedures. In the USA, all rulers have measurements in inches. 

They have dual edges with different values. For example, you can find the inches on one edge of the ruler. On the other side, you can see metrics. 

Due to separate edges, you can find the values in inches and centimeters without conversations. The standard ruler is about 12.13 inches in length. 

Location of furniture store

Due to IKEA’s popularity, the United States comprises more than 53 stores. California has the highest number of these shops with the imperial. 

The location of the IKEA selling stores determines them. For example, in the USA, all stores of this particular furniture brand use and read the inches.

The calculation rules apply to the stores according to their location, type of staff, and training. For example, people are more familiar with inches than centimeters. 

The conversions frustrate them due to an insufficient approach toward the calculation. Furthermore, the local stores in the United States of America follow the methods of the British Empire. 

A better comprehension of sizes

The American people can understand the dimensions of their IKEA beds, tables, and other items in inches more than other units. They use bigger units for quick measurements of the dimensions.

They are familiar to customers of different furniture. Sometimes, the storekeepers describe the dimensions.

They comprehend the values due to familiarity. They can find the values with their measuring tapes, calibrated tools, and rulers.

They do not comprehend the British system of dimensional calculation. Instead, they find digits with a unit on the packaging and related brochures. 

Convertible units

The inches are convertible units and break into centimeters. Also, you can change them into feet and meters according to your convenience. 

According to the native people, the United States should stick to these units. This is because it symbolizes their identity and stabilizes the evaluation system. 

It separates the values according to the levels of bigger and smaller values. Therefore, it is compatible with the metric system. 

With their combination, you can access the values in centimeters and inches. To reduce competition, American schools teach the traditional British and current metric systems.

The new and advanced rulers and tapes comprise both values on different ends. However, it is not an official procedure to evaluate the dimensions of IKEA. 

But, it is becoming an adaptation due to the diversity of culture in the USA. With optimized knowledge, you can convert one foot into 12 inches. The measurement of a 3-foot table is around one meter. 

Less packaging cost

The United States of America has a sticker to the British imperial to protect the cost of packaging. However, the country has not adopted the metric units to reduce the consumption of money and time to change the already existing values on the packages.

It is an expensive method to convert and alter all the centimeters to inches on all IKEA items. In their congress meeting, the country prefers the imperial over the metric. 

It supported the business, stores, and overall IKEA market in the United States. In addition, it is one of the significant selling markets globally. 

It convinced the exporters about their rules. Therefore, they facilitate converted dimensions to the USA. In this way, the country and its natives maintained the traditional infrastructure of their furniture market. 

How to read IKEA measurements?

You can check their size on the brochures and the representative guide about the IKEA measurements. The company indicates the values in centimeters for the customers of Sweden.

In the USA, you can get converted values in inches. You can access it in the form of WxLxH.

For measuring an IKEA table, adjust a ruler on the long end and find the value from one edge to another. On the short side, find the width from one end to the other. 

For height calculation, adjust the ruler or tape vertically and assess the distance between the floor and the frame. For calculating the couch dimensions, access the distance of the armrests. 

Measure the front to the backside and find its width. For height, find the distance between the cushion and the floor. 

You can convert the number of centimeters into inches for precise evaluation of dimensions. 

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