How Do You Clean an Article Sven?

How Do You Clean an Article Sven?

Article Sven is a comfortable sofa, and people like to have these couches in their homes. However, it is challenging for many people to maintain their furniture on regular basis.

How Do You Clean an Article Sven? You can clean Article Sven sofas using different cleaning methods, such as a duster or a soft cloth. In addition, you can use a vacuum or some detergents for deep cleaning. Moreover, you can apply a leather polish or a leather wax to give it a shine for an appealing look. Furthermore, it is better to regularly remove stains from your couch to maintain the quality and durability of your furniture.

 You have to sustain its quality and longevity by using different leather cleaning products like wax, polish, oils, or other detergents and conditioners.

What is Article Sven?

It is a classical style sofa that can be 2 seaters, 3 seater or sectional.

It is made up of Aniline full-grain leather. This leather is more expensive than shredded leather or other upholstery.

This sofa gives comfort as it has a deep seating space and large back cushions. Moreover, it also has a large seating cushion that is firm and gives it a tidier look.

Furthermore, it has traditional-style wooden legs that make it surface friendly whether you place it on a rug or directly on the floor.

How to clean Article Sven?

You have to remove all the accessories from the couch when cleaning your items. Remove all the stuff like sofa throws, pillows, and cushions.

Vacuum cleaning

After removing all the pillows, take out your vacuum cleaner and check its settings. These devices have specific settings for sofas.

Turn on the device and start blowing all the dust by using a special upholstery attachment to avoid any suction.

Moreover, you can also remove crevices from the leather with your vacuum. It is better to do this every week because this is an expensive sofa.

Clean its surface

You can easily remove all the dirt by using a vacuum, but you have to use a wet cloth to remove the stains.

After that, take a soft cloth or a damp sponge and thoroughly find all the stains.

Dap each stain for almost 20 to 30 seconds, and you have to ensure that you are not rubbing the sponge firmly on the leather.

Furthermore, it can remove all the dirt and stain marks from the material without damaging its fibers.

Use detergent

It can be challenging for you to remove most of the stubborn stains from the couch. However, you can use various leather-friendly products to remove these inedible stains.

Take out a small amount of your laundry detergent and mix it in hot water thoroughly. This mixture can help you remove the inedible marks from the leather.

Moreover, you can also use any leather product and its conditioner to get a satisfactory result.

You can also use a dish wash and warm water to remove dust and stains.

Use Vinegar and baking soda

You can make a diluted solution by using different edible products that you already have in your kitchen.

Take 30ml of white vinegar and the same quantity of water. Add a half teaspoon of baking soda, mix the solution thoroughly, and put it in a spray bottle.

Furthermore, gently mist the surface of your sofa with this solution. You also have to ensure that you are a distance away from the product to avoid oversaturation.

Apply polish

Different types of leather polish are available in the market to give your furniture a finishing touch.

It is better to identify the type of leather before applying any polish to avoid any damage.

After removing all the dust and stains, you can apply a leather polish to increase the shine of your furniture.

Moreover, you can also use leather oil once a year to maintain quality and longevity.

Place it to dry

The sofa gets wet after all the cleaning methods. So, you have to place it in the open air so that it can get dry.

You also have to keep it out of the reach of children to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, you also have to ensure that your sofa does not catch any dust from the surrounding.

Why would you clean an Article Sven Sofa?

It is necessary to maintain the quality and durability of any product. Therefore, few people find it challenging to clean their sofas.

Improve its longevity

The dirt particles can ruin the fibers of the non-shredded leather if you do not maintain it. Furthermore, it leads to the decline of your upholstery.

You have to ensure that you are not using harsh products as it can also damage the quality of the leather.

Marks and stains

It is better to remove the spots quickly if carbonated drink or juice is spilled off on your item.

The insects can bite the leather due to stains of different eatables, and it can also ruin the fabric of the product. These marks get permanent if you do not maintain them quickly.

Furthermore, you have to consider if your upholstery fabric gets stubborn oil stains.

Appealing look

Your furniture gets dirty more frequently if you place them near your room window. Dirt and stains can destroy the overall appearance of your furniture.

Moreover, the overall appearance of your room gets dull if your furniture is untidy. So, you have to maintain your interior and your furniture for an appealing look.


It is essential to maintain your home interior by cleaning the products before any family gathering. It gives your home an engaging and attractive look.

Your furniture should look good and match other decor accessories to make your home look cool.

You can easily do this by maintaining it regularly.

Get rid of foul smell

It is common that liquid or juice can spill on your sofa. These spots can produce a foul odor if you do not remove them. In addition, it can make you uncomfortable sitting on a couch with a bad smell.

How often to clean an Article Sven couch?

You can clean your couch every week if you placed in your drawing room and are not using it frequently.

You can this daily if you keep it in your living room. Therefore, it is better to remove all the dust from it by simply using a soft dry cloth.

Moreover, it is better to use a vacuum once or twice a week if you have children at home.

Therefore, it is better to remove all the dust from it by simply using a soft dry cloth.

It can be challenging for you to maintain the quality of your products as children can make them untidy by spilling water, carbonated drinks, or other eatables.

How much does it cost to clean Article Sven?

It is affordable if you clean it at your home without any professional help.

It can only take a wet cloth, detergent, and some polishing products to give it a finishing touch.

Moreover, it can cost less if you use products already available at home, like hand soaps or laundry detergents.

It also costs you nothing if you use your kitchen essentials like baking soda, white vinegar, water, or any detergent in DIY methods.

Furthermore, it can be challenging if the couch is untidy, with stubborn stains and spill-offs.

So, you have to ask for any professional, which can be costly as the professionals use advanced systems.

It can cost around $150 to $45o for the cleaning of your sofa from a shop. However, it depends on the size of your couch and the prices of that shop. If you have a small couch, it will take around $230.

How much time does it take to clean Article Sven?

The period depends upon the products and your methods of cleaning.

You can do it within 2 to 5 minutes approximately, however, some stains or spots can take longer.

Moreover, it can take extra time, like 15 minutes to half an hour, if you are not maintaining it regularly and the upholstery fabric gets filthy.

It can also take 30 minutes to 1 hour if you are doing it after 4 to 6 months.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 759 people to ask them about their sofa cleaning methods and experiences.

Out of 759 people, 375 people (50%) said they used to clean their upholstery products daily by using dusters.

However, 297 people (39%) said that they maintain their furniture deeply after every 2 to 3 days with a vacuum.

While the remaining 87 people (11%) said they maintain their sofas monthly using a leather kit.

You can use DIY methods to remove stubborn oil or grease stains.

“I use different DIY methods to clean my Article Sven couch right after any stains and spill-offs. I usually use to sprinkle a pinch of baking soda with vinegar and water spray to get rid of stubborn oil stains.”

You can remove the dust particles by simply using a duster or vacuum cleaner.

“I use the vacuum regularly to remove all the dust from my Article Sven sofa. It gives a tidy and maintained look to it.”

You can use specialized tools to give your couch a tidy and appealing look.

“Once I was sitting on my couch while eating mangoes, and the mango seed got slipped on the couch. So my mother cleaned those stubborn marks with leather cleaning detergent and its conditioner.”

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