Does IKEA Uppland Cover Fit Ektorp?

Does IKEA Uppland Cover Fit Ektorp?

IKEA provides you with high-quality sofa covers when purchasing the sofas like the Uppland and Ektorp. 

Does IKEA Uppland Cover Fit Ektorp? IKEA Uppland cover does not fit appropriately on the Ektorp because there is a difference in dimensions. It is almost 2 inches higher with a height of 36 ¼ inches. Moreover, its seat height is 18 ½ inches, which is about 1-inch higher, and the seat depth is 22 7/8, which is about 3 inches deeper than the Ektorp. Furthermore, it is almost 3 inches wider, which allows the fabric to touch the floor. You can replace the old sofa cover with Uppland when they start to rip off and are not available.

Many people prefer to add large-size cotton protectors on the small-size sofa because they can hide the surface properly. At the same time, a small size cover cannot fit properly on the couch.

The IKEA Uppland sofa is bigger than the Ektorp, so many people ask questions that they can add it to the latter one under certain circumstances.

Is IKEA Uppland cover better than Ektorp?

You can consider IKEA Uppland as a better sofa than the Ektorp because they provide a more comfortable and bouncy platform to sit on.

Additionally, they provide a reasonable seat height so that your legs do not touch the floor while sitting.

Moreover, the fabric of the covers has a great thickness that allows it to remain intact for a long time. As a result, their color does not fade quickly with time, and there is no ripping.

Why would you put the Uppland cover on Ektorp?

There are many advantages of putting a Uppland cover on the Ektorp sofa, like it gives a better appearance and has durable fabric.

Thick cover fabric

The fabric for protecting the Ektorp furniture is not of good quality and rips off quickly. In addition, it has a thin texture that can get damaged easily. This is also suitable if you purchased your sofa without a cover.

At the same time, these are thick and provide better firmness. Therefore, they are worth it and remain intact for a long time.

This thick and heavy fabric provides better draping on the floor and looks beautiful. It can also protect the cushion and the frame from dust and moisture.

Extremely durable 

The good quality fabric ensures the durability of the covers.

In addition, it can resist the abrasions that induce quick wearing of the cloth due to continuous and harsh rubbing.

However, it can reduce wearing symptoms and keep yarns strong enough to tolerate the stress. You can easily rub them to remove stains without worrying about the damage.

In addition, IKEA uses 100% pure cotton for its design, ensuring compliance and safety. It does not fade in color and sustains color for a long time.

While the Ektorp covers are made of a combination of polyester and cotton material and are washable. However, they cannot handle multiple washes and start to rip off quickly.

Convenient to use

You do not have to struggle enough while putting the covers on the Uppland sofa compared to the Ektorp. Their slipcovers have a zipper on the sides to quickly put on and off the cushions.

In contrast, the location of the zipper is across the back of the Ektorp sofa, which makes it difficult to remove them.

I used to feel frustrated while removing the covers of Ektorp for washing because it takes more time to take them off.

So, I preferred to replace them with those with zippers on the side to take the cushion out of it quickly.

Unavailability of Ektorp covers

Another reason for replacing the covers can be the unavailability of Ektorp sofas and other related items. 

These look similar to those unavailable sofas with a minute difference in their sizes.

Contemporary and stylish appearance

You can search for replacement covers in different online stores to improve the life of your furniture.

In addition, it can protect the furniture from dust and damage by hiding its overall surface.

You can add fabric with appealing colors and beautiful designs to give a contemporary look to sofas. Blekinge white is the most trending color that looks decent and looks neat.

Moreover, you can get them in 6 to 7 different colors from IKEA, including light and dark grey, two shades of beige, turquoise, and red/white.

I have got Totebo Light Beige that gives a cool texture to my sofa and looks beautiful. However, the light grey shade also looks decent and offers a stylish appearance.

Avoid delivery delays

The brand faces a shortage of supply in Ektorp-related items because they have discontinued this product for the past few years.

As a result, you can face shipping issues while ordering the extra pieces of an unavailable item.

One of my friends ordered a set of two covers for the Ektorp, but he got the wrong item after waiting for 2 months.

He was asked to wait until they replaced this product with the correct one. It means that he had to wait for a couple of months again.

So, it is much better to use these rather than facing the problem of delivery delays which is completely annoying.

Update the furniture

You can consider the new and sturdy fabric in different colors to update your old Ektorp sofa.

However, the old and rough fabric can decrease the durability of the furniture, while new covers can improve it.

The attractive prints and colors allow you to do something creative on your old sofa to make it look better. In addition, it is one of the affordable means to update the old products.

You can easily hide the stains and the symptoms of wearing by changing the slipcovers and adding cotton or velvet fabric that gives a smooth and luxurious texture.

Why does the IKEA Uppland cover not fit Ektorp?

The sofas and the fabrics covering their structure are not equal in size or dimensions, which creates difficulty in adequately fitting the large-size fabric on the small couch.

Seat height and depth

These do not fit correctly on a small-sized sofa because they have different dimensions.

The former one is bigger and begins to accumulate in the seating area when you try to put it on small furniture.

The seat height of the Uppland sofas is 18 ½ inches, while its depth is 22 7/8 inches. However, the seat height of Ektorp is 17 ½ inches, and the depth is 19 ¼ inches.

So, there is a difference of almost 1 inch in the seat height and 3 inches in its depth.

In addition, you can see an extra piece of a few inches hanging on the seating area that makes them unsuitable for use.

The large sofa cushions contain springs with foam, and the slipcover is present on both sides.

Sofa height

The overall height of these two furniture items’ frames does not match exactly.

For example, the size of the Uppland is 36 ¼ inches, while the smaller one is 34 5/8 inches long.

You can see the difference of almost 2 inches in their heights. Therefore, the cover of the bigger size sofa cannot fit properly on the smaller one and keeps draping on the floor.

A stylish draping of the silk and other materials looks beautiful, but an extra piece of fabric does not look good; that can interfere with the floor cleaning and gets dirtier quickly.

So, you can add an elastic band on the lower end of the sofa to keep the cover in place with the help of pins. It does not allow excessive slipping of the fabric and gives a new look to the furniture.

Different arm sizes

They have different arm size that leaves an extra fabric on the end of the arms of the Ektorp sofa. The arm of Uppland is 25 cm wide, while the Ektorp has a 23 cm wide arm.

Similarly, a difference of a few inches in the length of arms allows poor fitting of the coverslips on its surface.

So, you have to fill the extra space with some suitable fillers if you still want to add them to your sofa.

Difference in width

The width of the Uppland sofa is more than the Ektorp, which is 88 ¼ inches. In contrast, the small size furniture is 85 7/8 inches wider.

A difference of almost 3 inches exists in their width. So, these keep falling from the sides because of the extra width.

Therefore, you have to secure the fabric using upholstery pins to avoid unnecessary cloth movement on any side.

How do you fit the IKEA Uppland covers on Ektorp?

There are many ways to fit the large-size Uppland cover on the Ektorp sofas. First, you can fill the extra fabric with wool or cotton material batting by rolling them.

Moreover, you can also stuff the furniture using foam rolls that provide better strength. Finally, you can fill the extra space and secure the hanging fabric using upholstery pins.

Tuck the fabric inside the seams and use pins to keep it in its place. It avoids slipping the fabric on either side when sitting on the seat.

Furthermore, smooth out the fabric present on the seat and then apply pins on the fabric by moving it inside the cervices.

The twist pins are better in holding the fabric to the furniture that can hold it efficiently in its place. Therefore, it is better to use pins every 5 to 6 inches on the furniture to secure it.

Did IKEA stop making Ektorp covers?

You cannot see the Ektorp sofa in the IKEA stores now because it is not adding this product on their shelves.

They have provided a better version of this sofa that is Uppland, which offers better height. In addition, you can enjoy the deep structure of cushions containing springs inside the foam.

Furthermore, you can only find the Lofallet Beige color in the Ektorp sofa in the online stores that are possibly present to free up the inventory.

In addition, it had been discontinued in all the local stores for a long time when the Uppland sofa was launched.

You can find this 3-seater platform on some other online platforms probably. Search for the covers on other online brands if you want to add them to your house.