Can You Buy IKEA Sofa Without cover?

Can You Buy IKEA Sofa Without cover?

IKEA provides a wide collection of sofa covers at lower prices and better quality.

In addition, you can order a sofa without its covers, and you can quickly change the furniture look by changing the slipcovers.

Can You Buy IKEA Sofa Without cover? You can buy an IKEA sofa without a cover by ordering it online from their website. First, select a sofa you want to purchase and add it to the cart. Then, open the cart and go down the page to find the items separately. Next, remove the item you do not want to add; otherwise, copy the product numbers you need, add them to the cart, and click on the order placement option.

These sofa protectors are easy to remove and wash, allowing you to eat and drink without fear of spillage stains on the cushions.

It usually provides couches with white fabric as a protector, and you do not have to add them separately.

Furthermore, you can get the fabric and design of your choice from the IKEA replacement covers for couches with attractive designs and colors to give a beautiful appearance.

Is it essential to add a cover to the IKEA sofa?

A sofa cover is essential to add to the furniture to protect them against damage due to dirt and spills.

In addition, a dark color fabric on the light-colored furniture can keep it clean and safe from stains.

It is easy to clean them in the washer because they are removable. You can find many attractive colors and appealing designs in the slipcovers that gives a new look to old furniture.

Furthermore, it provides a complete package, including a sofa cover and a sofa set when adding the product to the cart.

It secures the furniture properly by tucking the fabric inside the seams.

You can feel a noticeable change in the couch by changing the fabric from decent white to luxurious velvety green.

It is easy to wash the protecting fabric and get rid of the smell and stains.

Why would you buy an IKEA sofa without a cover?

There are many reasons for purchasing furniture without covers, particularly when you do not like its stuff and design.

Customized covers

Many people avoid purchasing couches with covers because they want to add a fabric type and design. It provides cotton, linen, velvet, and many other different fabric types.

However, they usually add a white cotton fabric with a sofa set. So, you can check other options and add a custom cover to your furniture.

Furthermore, it allows you to show your creativity in decorating the home furniture by getting covers.

You can check their store to purchase separate couch protectors in different materials.

They sell these items separately to provide a replacement cover for the old and damaged ones.

Unconvinced with fabric quality

Some people do not like the quality of fabric that IKEA uses in preparing the couch covers.

In addition, they would like to avoid purchasing these due to satisfaction issues about the fabric’s durability.

It depends on your choice and whether you want to have it or remove it from the cart.

You have multiple options of better-quality fabrics from this brand and other online stores. They provide hundreds of designs that make it easy to choose the best one.

I wanted to add a velvet protector to my couch for the reception room. It looks more luxurious and gives a warm feel to the sitting person.

So, I purchased a wide arm sofa from IKEA and got the velvet blue covers separately from the same brand.

Save money

Buying the furniture without slipcovers allows you to save money on the product that you do not like.

You can reduce the overall budget by removing the couch protectors from the cart after tapping on the particular product. In addition, you can get your favorite item by using this money.

It is better to spend money on durable and attractive products that can add to the beauty of the furniture and provide comfort.

They provide a great value to your room and the satisfaction you have spent on the right thing.

Replace white covers

Commonly, IKEA sofas come with a decent white cover that does not look good after spills.

In addition, some permanent yellow stains start to appear when you do not clean them.

White fabrics are challenging to maintain, and you have to take a lot of care to avoid the spilling of juices that can form stains.

 So, many people try to avoid the white protectors when they have children and pets like cats in their homes. A couch provides a comfortable place for the pets to sit with their owners and relax.

Therefore, the homeowners choose dark color fabric so that the stains and dirt do not appear clearly on it.

You can replace the white covers with colorful fabrics by removing them from the cart and getting only the couch.

How can I buy an IKEA sofa without a cover?

You have two options to purchase a sofa without its cover, including dropping the orders at the stores and removing the items separately from the cart.

Custom orders

When you want to purchase a couch without any accessories, you can ask them by sending a message on their customer support service.

However, you can also visit their stores without a reply from IKEA agents. Ask them about the options if they sell coverless couches or not.

Hopefully, you will get a welcoming response from their agents present at the counter. They will ask you about the article number which you want to get.

Provide them with the details; otherwise, they can get the article number from the product information.

So, you can get its frame with all the necessary parts by dropping the custom orders at the store.

Order online

You can also order the product on online platforms because it provides you with an option to remove the unwanted articles that are part of the product.

Select product

Go to the official website of IKEA and enter your login credentials. Then, you can search for the products in any category.

Then, go to the furniture category and choose your favorite couch from the list. Then, tap on the product and add it to your cart.

Check the product number

Click on the product and go down the page. You can see each item of the overall product separately, like its wooden frame and the arms.

In addition, you can find it in the list of items with an option of removing products. Click on the remove product option and move it out of the cart.

Search online

You can also search for the article numbers separately and add them to your cart. Then, copy the article number from their website and check them on the search.

Then, add the products, like its frame and the arms frame. Do not forget to add both arms to the cart to complete the overall assembly.

Confirm it & Order 

After adding the relevant products to the car, you must check all the essential items again. 

Then, tap on the order placement option and wait to receive furniture without the cover.

Is it good to use sheets as sofa covers?

Many people prefer to lose sheets over the couch to hide their surface; that is an excellent alternative to coverslips.

They are good to use because they can fit any size easily. You have to choose a large flat sheet and put it on the couch.

It is one of the cheap methods that allow you to buy any flat piece of cloth and use it as a sofa protector. It can drape all over the surface and hide it properly.

Furthermore, it is a quick way to instantly protect the furniture from damage and give it a new look.

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