Common Problems With Divan Bed Base

Common Problems With Divan Bed Base

Divan bed base comes in the market in two types, and you can select them according to the type of mattress.

Common Problems With Divan Bed Bases include sagging at one side, collapsing wooden slats, irregular sprung, and wear and tear or discoloration of upholstery. You can also face the issue because of poor connection link bars, loose headboard joints, and inaccurate base fixing.

Accessing them after separating their upper part is necessary to get rid of any irreversible damage. Sometimes they lose their sturdy structures and firmness, making them weak.

Problems with Divan bed base Solutions
Sagging at one side Use a plywood sheet for support
Collapsing of wooden slats Replace the base
Irregular sprung Choose right size of mattress
Wear and tear in the upholstery Add new upholstery
Squeaking sound Tighten the nuts
Poorly connected sections Fasten the interconnected bars with screws
Poorly fitted bed base Adjust the base correctly in frames

Sagging at one side

The sagging of the divan bed base is the most common issue, and many people face them. The issue comes mainly in the middle and side area.

You can face this because of irregular sleeping positions and long-term use of the affected side.

Many people only use one place for sitting and sleeping. The long-term exposure to weight on the same side causes this area to sink.

The slats or springs are compressed from these areas because they are underweight for a longer time. It also occurs due to the use of low-quality sturdy base structures.

People use one corner of their bed to read newspapers or books, sit there for hours, and sleep in the same position.

You cannot enjoy a peaceful sleep at night because of this sinking issue. It disturbs your sleeping posture, and you feel pain in your back when you get up in the morning.

You can fix the issue by using all the places on your mattress for sleeping and sitting purposes. Do not use any specific corner for a long time.

Moreover, you can add extra support to protect the base from sinking. Use the thin layer of wood under the mattress to give it firmness.

Use the plywood sheet, cut it according to the frame’s dimensions, and add them.

Collapsing of wooden slats

Some divan bed bases contain wooden slats and middle supporting points to protect the mattress from lumping from the central area.

The slats are made of wooden material, and they can break easily. The breakage occurs when these become old and lose their original strength and firmness.

Many people add heavy mattresses to these frames, which can reduce their durability. In addition, placing heavy weight that is more than their capacity can cause breakage.

In addition, you can face these when you have children in your home. For example, children love to jump or play on the bed because of its soft and comfortable fabric.

The sudden jerk to the wooden slats because of jumping can increase the chance of their damage. You cannot fix the issue by changing the slats.

You have to replace the whole base to provide a sturdy structure and firmness to the mattress. Stop children from jumping on beds because it can also cause injury to them.

Irregular sprung

The sprung-based divan bed bases are also present in the market, and these are the most reliable because of their material and structure.

The springs distributed on the whole frame provide proper support to the mattress. Moreover, it provides a cushioning action that reduces the chances of wear and tear.

The presence of springs makes your low-quality mattress more comfortable, and you can enjoy sleep. In addition, when you remove or add a bed for shifting furniture, the springs displace from their original position.

The displacement also occurs when beds are in frequent use and become old. The use of heavy mattresses can also cause irregular adjustment.

You cannot repair the displaced or broken sprung because these are abundant in number. You have to visit the market to select a new one according to your new mattress.

Check the right size because it can cause slipping or poor adjustment of mattresses which is irritating for people.

Wear and tear in the upholstery

These divan beds are upholstered with fabric material to make them look luxurious and aesthetic.

Wear and tear in upholstered material comes with age and when they become old. Moreover, wear and tear come when you move furniture from one room to another.

In addition, the original shine and color become dull with age, giving your furniture an old and unattractive appearance.

These are also upholstered with wadding, a soft and comfortable material like polyester. Wadding and fabric upholstery are also susceptible to stains.

You need to remove the worn-out upholstery fabric and replace them with new ones. Then, you can purchase the fabric according to your preferred design and color.

It is also better to remove the spot stain for cleaning purposes and make them look new. Use mild cleaners for this purpose because harsh can damage the fabric.

Squeaking sound

Many people hear squeaking when they sit on the bed and put pressure. You can feel this uneven sound due to loosening joints.

The loose screws increase the friction between the two interconnected parts, and you can hear the squeaking noise.

The issue comes when you put pressure on the interconnected joints. For example, you can face a problem when you change your side during sleep and put pressure on the middle and side ends.

Inspecting the screws on all sides when you hear the squeaking noise while getting up from the bed is necessary.

Take pliers and tighten the loose screws and bolts accurately. Avoid overtightening because it can damage the wooden frame.

Poorly connected sections

Divan bed frames contain two portions known as link bars, and you have to connect them with built-in screws or nickel bars.

You can feel the mattress sinking problem when these link bars are not connected properly and there is space between them.

In addition, you also feel uncomfortable while sleeping because of comfort. Finally, the gaps in interconnected sections decrease the longevity of the mattress.

You should adequately screw the bolts to secure the Nickle bars and fasten the interconnected sections. Moreover, carefully put them in self-screws to avoid gaps.

Poorly fitted bed base

Sometimes the Divan bed base is not fitted correctly in the frame or side rails. The incorrect fitting causes the breakage of the platform supports.

The bed base can also lead to loosening joints of headboards when you do not place them on a leveled surface. The pressure on the loosely connected middle and lower ends cause wobbly headboards.

In addition, you can also feel the slipperiness of mattresses because of the non-leveled surface. The improper adjustment issues come when your beds are not present on a balanced surface.

You can fix this by checking the ground surface for furniture placement to reduce stress on a single part.

Fit the base properly in frames so they cannot come from the sides.

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