Can I Put a New Mattress on an Old Divan base?

Can I Put a New Mattress on an Old Divan base?

Many people want to add a new mattress in their bedrooms, but it is a costly procedure to replace the base with them. It is challenging to afford these two pieces simultaneously because it is not budget-friendly option.

Can I Put a New Mattress on an Old Divan base? You can put a new mattress on an old divan base because it is not affordable to change both of them, and these are also compatible with all types of mattresses. However, you should check the size and type of mattress when selecting the new one. Moreover, it is also essential to change the base if you want to change the color, design, or upholstery and if casters, sprung, or drawers are broken.

It is up to you and your affordability because you can change the bed base and mattress simultaneously. In addition, it can provide the proper support and increase the mattress’s longevity because of its strong platform.

Can you use the old Divan base for the new mattress?

People cannot buy two new pieces of furniture simultaneously because of increasing costs which can affect the budget and is not a cost-effective solution.

You can use the old platform because these are long-lasting and can last several years. However, you can only change the mattress if it is in good and reusable condition to save your cost.

You can add them, and it cannot damage their lower side because of the previous pattern. These divan bases do not come up in the market with mattresses.

You can add whatever you want, depending on the size and compatibility. People often want to add the new one for more comfortable sleep at night.

You can pair both of these components according to your requirement. The warranty of these wooden platforms is more than the soft and comfortable mattresses.

Why would you add a new mattress to an old divan base?

The warranty of the mattress depends on the manufacturing brands and their quality.

The ones that belong to well-known manufacturing brands are durable, made of high-quality material, and have a warranty for several years.

You can change them when they become old, and you feel tired when sleeping on them. However, the warranty depicts the average life and shows that you have to change it after this duration.

These become saggy when you use them for longer and start to sink. The sagging issue is uncomfortable and makes people tired when they use them.

You also have to change it in case of spillage that you cannot clean. Choose the new one when lumping issues and deformity in its shape disturbs your sleeping duration.

Things to consider when selecting a new mattress for an old Divan base

You have to consider the following parameters when selecting the new mattress for the old divan bed base to make a perfect pair.

Size, material, and type of mattress

The size and type of mattresses play an essential role during selection. Therefore, these are available in different sizes and types in the market.

You have to perfectly match their size with the old platform for proper placement. Selection of the right size is necessary because it can cause poor adjustment issues like slipping.

Moreover, the larger ones are also difficult to adjust in the bed base. Check the leveled surface because you can face wobbling issues while sleeping on them.

Removal of dust

Removing dust when adding new mattresses is necessary to protect the fabric from dust-related damage.

The dust accumulates on the lower side because of the hidden areas you cannot clean frequently.

The damage can occur when you adjust the new one without vacuuming because it can follow the pattern of the old mattresses.

Dust accumulation also causes the mites to grow there, which can destroy the fabric and cause lumping issues.

The dirt can also damage the new ones when you add it without proper cleaning and vacuuming procedure on the old base.

Check compatibility

It is vital to check their compatibility when purchasing the perfect combination and to increase durability.

Some types of mattresses are incompatible with all bases, and you have to purchase them with their specific frame.

You cannot add them randomly because they can cause damage to their lower surface and deform their shape.

Moreover, some do not require frames for placement, and you have to place them directly on the side rails without support.

You should check these types and avoid selecting them because it is problematic for you.

When should I replace a Divan base?

You only have to change the divan bed bases in the following circumstances. After that, you can change and add new ones when you inspect or feel these problems.

Broken sprung

Sprung-type divan bases are also available in the market, which provide more support and stability to mattresses.

The unique pattern of springs distributed throughout the frame provides proper support and reduces the sagging issue.

You can change the frame when you feel lumping or sagging due to broken sprung. You can face these common problems due to irregular patterns of sprung when these become old.

Inspect them after removing the upholstery, and you can also hear the squeaking sound when you sit or change sides during sleeping.

Damaged casters and drawers 

Many people want to change them along with their mattresses because of broken casters. However, shifting them from one place to another is challenging when casters are damaged.

It contains drawers and shelves for storage of cloth, comforters, edibles, and other accessories. You cannot store anything because of broken drawers.

You need the new frames to clear the mess from the room and store extra things in these places. Select the suitable ones from the market that are budget-friendly.

Change color

Many people get bored with one color when they see them in their room for a longer time. They want to add new things to attract their friends and provide visual attraction.

You can change the divan bed base with your mattresses if you get bored with the existing color. These are available in the market with different shades of upholstery.

You can select your favorite color if it is affordable for you. Moreover, you need to change them when the color of the upholstery gets dull and unattractive with time.

Add new fabric 

You need to place them if you want to change the upholstery style in your room and give the aesthetic and different appearance.

You have to select the new divan base that is upholstered with a different style of fabric and is different from the previous one.

The bold prints with brighter shades decrease the dullness of your room and make them appealing.

In addition, you have to choose new ones if the fabric is damaged because you cannot replace them at home.

Loose joints and screws

The divan bed frame contains two interconnected portions with bolts and joints. Therefore, you can face the issue of a wobbly frame due to loose bolts and screws, which can increase the risk of breakage.

You can add the new base in your room and the mattress to eliminate the damaged ones. The wobbly movement and squeaking sound also disturb your sleep and irritate you.

You can feel the uneven sounds because of inaccurate adjustment from the joints. The irregular movement of joints occurs due to loose screws and joints.

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