Can You Use Kitchen Paint in a Bedroom?

Can You Use Kitchen Paint in a Bedroom?

It is challenging for many people to confirm whether they should use kitchen paint in their bedrooms or not. Sometimes you want to use it due to excessive mold growth.

Can You Use Kitchen Paint in a Bedroom? You can use kitchen paint in a bedroom due to its durability, easy maintenance, and mold growth-preventing qualities. However, this oil and water-resistant type is more expensive and has a high level of sheen. You can also use eggshell paint, matt paint, and satin paint for your bedroom. 

You should prefer the one which is compatible with the ambiance of the place in which you use it. For example, you can use the paint in your room, which is leftover from the kitchen, to save your expenses. 

Why would you put kitchen paint in a bedroom?

Some people paint their kitchen and want to utilize the remaining paint in other parts of the house.

To prevent mold growth

A kitchen provides a favorable environment for mold growth. It is a place where most of the water leakage occurs. It happens due to several water-related works like cooking and using washers.

The use of appliances also spills water which causes mold growth. It grows in damp places, so it finds this a great place to grow. Sometimes this problem occurs in your bedroom due to a faulty supply line or caulk issues.

This problem happens mostly in humid months of the year when it is hard to dry the moisture. You need to apply kitchen paint in this place because it can prevent mold growth.  


The kitchen is the place where you do most of the water-related work. The running water and cooking become the cause of constant steam. It also exposes the wall and affects its structure when you use regular paint.

Kitchen paints are more durable than normal ones and have the quality to prevent the internal structures of walls due to their hard nature.

In addition, it is thicker than the regular one and provides enough safety from the messy stuff. 

Easy maintenance

It is better to use, which needs easy maintenance and takes less time to clean. However, the cleaning process takes a long time which is also a tiring process. You can categorize regular paint in this category.

It affects its texture when you clean it with a damp cloth. This is because it absorbs its particles and makes it patchy. On the other hand, the kitchen paint does not have such cleaning problems.

It is harder than normal and does not become flaky on its cleaning. It does not affect when you clean it with a damp cloth because of its waterproof nature. 

What makes kitchen paint different from regular paint? 

Several people consider the same, but several qualities make them different. Therefore, checking their cost and features according to your budget and needs is better.  

Oil and water resistant

They are highly oil-resistant, so they are perfect for your kitchen. For example, you use oil in your cooking which causes grease on its walls. This paint is specifically made to combat this greasy environment.

An exhaust fan only removes hot air from this place and does not prevent the grease.

However, it has another beneficial feature that is much needed for this place. It is water resistant because you do several water-related tasks like washing in this place.

Regular paint does not have these qualities because they are designed for other areas of the house, like the living room.


It is more expensive than the regular one due to its different qualities. The regular one does not have the quality to face the moisture in its environment, which makes it less durable.

It does not help much in solving the issue of mold growth on the walls. Its paint has the extra ability to prevent mold growth and other unfavorable situations.

It has certain formulaic adjustments which increase its ability to absorb moisture in the kitchen environment.

Its thick nature makes it more expensive than the others but worth buying for the kitchen. You can use it for a bedroom according to your choice, and there is no need to worry about its use.  

High level of sheen 

It is the most significant factor you should consider before getting paint for your bedroom. Some have a high sheen, and several have a medium to low sheen according to the desired area.

A sheen is the level of reflection of light you get when it dries completely. Using a high-sheen type in the kitchen is preferable because you need extra light and a durable structure for this smoky environment.

Its walls become greasy and dirty almost every day due to daily cooking, so you find them with a high sheen.

It should be a medium to low sheen to get a smooth, structured wall. They do not reflect much light, which is favorable for this place. 

What other types of paint you can use in your bedroom?

It is essential to select the right paint type because sometimes its shade looks different in different light conditions. It is due to its glare and level of light reflection. 

Satin paint

It is used for the kitchen and bathrooms, but you can also use it for your bedroom. It has a high sheen and some other versatile qualities which enable it to use on the walls of this place.

It is more durable than its other types so you can keep it for longer. It is most favorable for the kid’s room because they need a vibrant touch. Its glossy look is perfect according to their desire and gives the room a warm and bright look. 

Eggshell paint

It has less sheen than the satin paint, which is suitable for an elegant look of the room.

It is suitable for the bedroom because it has slightly harder maintenance. The moisture in the air is less in this, and you do not need to clean the walls frequently.

You can apply it because there is less water and smoke exposure in this place. It should be your first choice when you want some glare in this room but do not want an extra glossy look on its walls.

Do not use it in high-traffic portions of your house, like the living room, because it can expose to dirt particles and become hard to clean daily.

However, its medium sheen is between the matt and satin paint and is perfect to use in this place. 

Matt paint

It is suitable for this place when you do not want glare and shine on its wall. It is ideal for a warm and soothing look in your bedroom. It is better to select its color according to the room décor to get a classy feel.

Sometimes the reflection of light and lamp disturbs your sleep which is not preferable.

It is perfect for restful sleep because light does not reflect through it. However, it is better to handle it carefully because it is susceptible to damage due to its thin texture.  

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