Can You Put a Chandelier in a Bedroom?

Can You Put a Chandelier in a Bedroom?

Many people get confused about the location of the chandelier in their bedrooms. You can get it according to the paint and dimensions to enhance its ambiance. You can also use mini twin chandeliers according to the need and layout of your room.

Can You Put a Chandelier in a Bedroom? You can put a chandelier in a bedroom to get a classy look, for better light coverage, and to prevent wall paint. However, it is better to use it in the center, above the nightstand, and on both sides of the ceiling in a large room. 

It is better to assess the room layout before getting it to select a suitable place for it. You need to check your light requirement because they vary in the number of lights. Use its sputnik types when you do not want to get its bulky look. 

Why would you put a chandelier in your bedroom?

You prefer to use it in your bedroom to create a decent ambiance. This one item alone can catch the attention of visitors more than the other small decorative items present in this room. 

To get a classy look

They help to give a classy look to your bedroom. This modern way to hang the lights is a beneficial addition to the aesthetics of your room. You can give a royal look to this room when you use it in golden color.

There are several chandeliers that vary in style, color, shape, and size. You can select a suitable one according to your room dimensions to blend it with the room décor.

They have a unique quality of creating a welcoming environment, which you can not get from conventional lights. Moreover, its refractions help to glorify the room by giving warm touch to this place.

Do not damage the wall paint

It is easy for you to decorate your bedroom anytime without the issue of changing its position. However, the regular lighting system needs to mount on the wall by making holes.

The problems occur when you want to renovate this room and change the furniture positions. For example, you have to remove the normal lights from the wall and mount them on the other wall.

The constant drilling affects its structure and makes it weak. In addition, it destroys the wallpaper and walls with many holes. You can use a chandelier to get rid of all these problems.

It does not damage the wall because you put it in the ceiling. Therefore, you need not worry about changing its location whenever you plan to change the style and look of your room.  

Better coverage

One of the significant reasons for putting it in a bedroom is its better coverage. Sometimes you use a light in one portion of your room but do not cover the other corner, and the other area does not get enough light.

It affects the look of your room to see the uneven light when you suddenly enter the room. You should use a chandelier without a second thought to get an even light in your room.

It is due to its quality of equally covering every portion of the room without leaving a single portion. As a result, it provides light in those portions where the light of a standard bulb does not reach. 

Where should you put a chandelier in your bedroom?

The best location to put it is on the top of the bed. The warm lights directly above the bed give a luxury feeling.

Some people have a habit of reading at night, so they need nearby light. You can use it as your night lamp to enjoy bedtime reading. Another best place to put it in your bedroom is above the nightstand.

It gives a classical look when you choose this place and use the warm lights. It creates a bold look when you put it in the central portion of your room.

It is because it catches the eye every time you enter the room. It should be moderately illuminated to balance the room environment. 

You can also use twin chandeliers when you have enough space in your room. However, a single one is not recommended for a large room because its light cannot cover every portion of this place.

You can put its twin types in both the endings of your room to get equally distributed light in this place. You can act upon this idea to place two mini wall chandeliers on the adjusting wall of the bedsides.

It is a modern way to put them in this position to make the room more illuminated and brighter. 

Things to consider when selecting a chandelier for your bedroom

Several people put them in their bedrooms without measuring the dimension of their rooms. Sometimes it proves a waste of money when you get its wrong size and shape. 


It is essential to measure the size of your room before getting a chandelier. It should not be large enough to give a bulky feel to the place. It should not be extra small that it looks unattractive to the eyes.

You have to select its medium size, and you can measure its size easily. You can use this method to measure its right size when you do not want to invest time in long calculations.

Measure the room dimensions in width and height and multiply them by each other. For example, you can place a chandelier of 24 inches when your room dimensions are 12×12 feet.

It means we multiply the height and width to estimate its size. Generally, its distance should be almost 1.5 to 2.5 feet lower than the ceiling. Therefore, you can analyze its size by multiplying its height by 3.

For example, you should place it at 21 inches distance when your total room height is 7 feet.  


They come in several types and shapes due to their increased popularity. You can see it in many shapes according to the number of lights. Therefore, you should select it carefully because it should complement the room decor.

You can get a drum chandelier because it gives the touch of both a modern and traditional look. It is a famous shape and is suitable for almost every type of room décor.

The lights are covered in fabric which gives a warm touch. You can also select the caged chandeliers because their unique geometric patterns increase the grace of your bedroom. You can also create a modern look by using pendant ones whose lights are in tiers.  


You can find it in several materials and select the one suitable for your room. Some people want a royal look, so they get it in crystal material which is best to create such an environment.

You can use it in a combination of crystal and metal to get a balanced look for this place. In addition, you can use it in brass and bronze material when you are fond of antique decorative items.

It creates the desired look by giving a decent touch to this place. 

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