Can You Put an Adjustable Base with a Storage Bed?

Can You Put an Adjustable Base with a Storage Bed?

The adjustable bed can cost you money because it is a new technology. According to our research, it can last for 15 to 25 years.

Can You Put an Adjustable Base with a Storage Bed? You can put an adjustable base with a storage bed using its new model, which is zero clearanceThe new model serves you the same benefits as the older model, such as back support, posture improvement, and better mobility, and is suitable for different types of beds.

Moreover, it works well for every type of mattresses, such as latex, memory foam, and hybrid. However, it should not be old because it cannot work well with the base.

Why would you put an adjustable base with a storage bed?

An adjustable base is a one-time investment that can be used for many years.

Suitable for back support

The most amazing feature of the adjustable base is that it supports your back. You can fix it to any angle you feel comfortable with yourself.

Moreover, you can work on your laptop while lying on it. You will not feel tired, as regular beds make your body sore if you are lying for a long time.

It works efficiently when you are back from a long tiring day. Then, you can go straight into your room and lie in bed.

You can fix it according to your preferred angle. Furthermore, it can massage your pressure points to make your body stress and pain-free. 

Improve body posture

The base is named adjustable so that it can adjust itself according to your body. Therefore, it is effective for improving the posture of the body.

In addition, it perfectly aligns your spine when you are watching tv, using a mobile, or reading a book. As a result, it can help you avoid putting pressure on your shoulders.

Moreover, it lets you stay in a posture for longer without making your body stiff. 

However, you will not feel tired when you get up from bed. The improved posture automatically increases our working capacity.

In addition, it is possible that you would not want pillows anymore as it is hard to find cushions that can improve the posture of the shoulders.

Better mobility

The adjustable base is for a human of any age, height, and weight. You do not need any other person’s help to lift them when they need to get up. This base can be your best choice for this purpose.

You need to lift the head and foot side to raise. Moreover, it will be convenient for you to climb in and land from the bed. Finally, it provides you with enough support to lift your body.

Furthermore, it is easy to eat in bed without getting up and sitting on your back. It can also help you to roll over from one side to the other.

Suitable for multiple beds

It does not need a specific type of size to put it in the frame. The most helpful aspect of this adjustable base is that you do not have to get a new bed frame.

It will fit perfectly on the bed you are using already because it is available in every size, whether it is a twin, double, queen, or king-size bed.

Moreover, you can put it in a simple platform and storage bed. In addition, it is also available for split beds which are two twin beds joined together.

You can have a split base that works separately and have separate motors. Then, you can adjust it to your preferred angle and position while lying with your partner.

This is the product that considers everyone’s priorities and needs.

How do you put an adjustable base with a storage bed?

Putting on an adjustable bed is a bit challenging, but it requires proper guidance. It comes with an owner manual through which you can put it in the frame.

It is essential to land it safely from the pickup, which is there to deliver. It is better that you ask a friend to come over to help you take it inside if you live alone.

You cannot lift and put it alone as it weighs around 130 to 250 pounds which is heavy. 

Next, you need to take the box to the desired place, which would be your room. Place the box down so that the bottom of the box faces up.

You can tear a little area of the box to look at which side is up and which is down. However, be careful not to use a sharp object to tear the box. 

It can damage the adjustable base inside it. Now remove the tapes and binding straps from the box to unpack it.

Furthermore, there is a power system beneath it that operates the functions of the base. You will see the cords hanging down it.

It is better to drop down the cords through the gaps between the bed frame slats. However, bringing the adjustable closer to the bed is better before dropping the cords.

Bring it closer to drop the cords and slowly bring it down on the surface of the slats. It will sit perfectly on a flat surface.

Furthermore, there is a whole power system under it which consists of a Bluetooth box, electrical cords, and a power box.

You need to connect the power box to its power cord and the Bluetooth box to the power box. Next, plug the electrical wire into the power box and fix the switch into the surge protector. 

The last of the process is that you need to insert the mattress 

retainer bars in the holes on the upper side of the base.

These bars are used to support the mattress with it. The loop side of the bars should be facing up.

It is now set, and you can test it out with the help of its remote.

What things to consider when putting an adjustable base with a storage bed?

You should consider these things when adding an adjustable base to your storage bed.

The adjustable base was not for storage beds when they were initially launched for home beds. 

The previous ones needed space under the bed, which meant you could not use it for storage or platform beds.

The previous models had legs for which you had to remove the slats from the bed. It was not designed to be put on flat surfaces.

However, there are new models which are called zero clearance adjustable beds. They can lay on flat surfaces and storage beds.

They do not occupy the space under the bed because they do not have legs to stand on the floor.

Next, you need to consider the type of mattress you put on the base. The most recommended beds are memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. 

The last and essential thing to consider is its maintenance because it is an electrical product that operates on motors.

You need to check its motor, cords, and power box regularly. You should get it checked if you hear unusual noise and observe a slow response.

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