Can you put a Super King Duvet on a King Size Bed?

Can you put a Super King Duvet on a King Size Bed?

Many people cannot differentiate between a super king-size bed and king size bed. The duvets are made of feathers, cotton, and wool, and they are covered with silk fabric. They are needed for the winter season because it provides warmth. It also works like a thermal insulator.

Can you put a Super King Duvet on a King Size Bed? You can put a Super King duvet on a king-size bed as it can be a personal preference and creates a cozy environment. However, it will hang around 12 to 13 inches from the sides.  Moreover, it is suitable for sharing and can hide ugly marks on the bed.

However, you can always select a duvet that is your priority for comfort and is easy to use. It is better to measure the bed size before choosing a duvet.

Why would you put a super king duvet on a king-size bed?

The duvets for any size of bed are usually a few inches larger in size. Mostly it is wider than the bed as compared to length.

There is nothing wrong with using an oversized duvet if it is your choice. Moreover, you can have the following benefits from it.

Personal preference

The duvet helps to keep you warm in extreme winters. You would want to cover yourself with every covering you find in the house.

Most of the time, people want to use a super king duvet for their king-size because it is a personal preference.

There is no written rule that you cannot use a quilt of double size as your bed. However, it is preferred to use a super-size quilt because it can provide extra warmth.

Moreover, you can spread it anywhere, and your feet or legs will not get uncovered. The king size will give you full coverage.

You do not have to pull it on whenever you roll to the other side. 

Creates cozy environment

Most people like to snuggle themselves in the oversized quilt. It can make you feel more cozy and secure.

Moreover, it creates an environment of calm when you are sitting in front of a fire reading your favorite book.

In addition, the super king duvet on a king-size will let you have this cozy ambiance. It is advised that the size of the quilt is more than its bed.

The king-size bed is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide, whereas its own quilt’s size is 90 inches wide and 86 inches long.

It means a super king quilt can be enough for more than two persons, and they can snuggle in it. Its silk covering feels so soft on the skin when you put it all over yourself.

Furthermore, its weight is contrary to how big it looks. These are lightweight, and you can carry them with ease.

Good for sharing

The pulling scenario can happen to you if you are sharing a quilt with your partner. You both are busy pulling it to your side to have more of it for you.

However, you can keep experiencing it and be restless the whole night. You should not let a quilt of the same size disturb your sleep when you can have double its size.

In addition, you and your partner can have a peaceful sleep when you both have enough duvet on your sides. You do not have to fight to keep it anymore.

It is enough even for your pet when they climb in with you in the middle of the night. It is an excellent idea to keep an oversized duvet as it is good for sharing.

It hides scratches and wooden marks

You can get many benefits from a super king-size duvet, such as it can cover the entire king-size bed.

It will be hanging down at least 14 to 16 inches from both sides. It is enough to cover the sides.

You can spread it all over as a covering sheet, and it can even hide the area under it. Moreover, it can hide ugly marks like scratches, gaps, and knots on the wooden frame.

However, it can also hide the torn fabric and any stains if the frame is covered with fabric.

Furthermore, kids like to drag things under as it is their own self-created storage space. Put the oversized duvet on their sheet; it can cover the sides as it is wider than the bed.

How do you put a super king duvet on a king-size bed?

In case you do not want the super king duvet on your bed as it is not everyone’s preference. You can always modify it according to your likeness.

It can happen when you do not want to spend money to get a new quilt. 

Tuck in bed

It is not necessarily everyone’s preference to let it hang from the side as they have their style.

You can always try new ways to make the bed for your own comfort. For example, some people like to spread it all over up to the pillows.

However, some prefer to keep it in the area of the footboard and even on half of it. Most of them let it hang from the sides.

You can tuck the sides in between the mattress and the frame. It can give your room a super sleek look.

Fold with a safety pin

However, if you do not want to tuck it in either or use it as a super king duvet, then you can fold its sides and secure them with a safety pin.

Now it is done temporarily, as you can use it in its full size later. So you can also avoid hanging from the sides.

Adjust the size with a bed

You can do one more thing if you permanently want to make it according to the size.

You should measure the size of the quilt and your bed. It is essential to do so according to your preferred length for the quilt.

Furthermore, fold it to the marked measurement and stitch it to adjust its size with the bed.

Things to consider when selecting a duvet for king size bed

It is better to measure the king size before selecting a quilt. It helps you decide what size you are going to get and is comfortable for you.

Next, you should measure your mattress also because the height and thickness of the mattress impact the size of the quilt.

The quilt size should be 8 inches wide and 7 inches long than the mattress.

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