Where Does Anthropologie Get Their Furniture?

Where Does Anthropologie Get Their Furniture?

Anthropologie provides unique and stylish furniture items as it has a passionate team of designers creating innovative designs to make it a distinctive brand.

Where Does Anthropologie Get Their Furniture? Anthropologie gets its furniture from local stores like Crate & Barrel and manufactures or designs its own products, and some of them are purchased from stores within America. However, a few furniture items, including chairs and tables, are imported from other countries, but couches are manufactured in the United States. Furthermore, it is owned by URBN, connected to Urban Outfitters, and offers expensive products.

They introduced a wide range of unique and attractive living room and bedroom furniture with a broad range of fabrics and finishes.

Where is Anthropologie furniture made?

Anthropologie opened its first store in Wayne, Pennsylvania, in 1992 and made efforts to flourish its business which is currently expanded to almost all over the world.

Moreover, it has almost 180 to 200 stores facilitating people by providing products of distinctive style to improve their lifestyle.

Most of its items are manufactured in the United States, including couches, as they prefer to manufacture products that help maintain quality.

It does not rely on other factories and manufacturers to construct items and source the raw material within America.

The upholstered furniture, including one or two-person couches and larger sofas, are made domestically, and their manufacturing factories are within America, like Crate & Barrel.

In addition, it is found that they are hiring small businesses or local artisans of America to construct items that ensure the production of perfect products that can fit your lifestyle.

It imports a few furniture items from different countries that provide high-quality chairs and tables at low cost.

So, it is an American brand that prefers local products like high-quality and durable couches, but it gets a few products from countries other than America.

What does Anthropologie provide?

Anthropologie provides a unique shopping platform where you can find almost everything from clothes, accessories, and home furniture items.

It provides a wide range of products in living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture. You can also get suitable products for outdoor spaces from Anthropologie.

Moreover, it has beautiful ottomans, luxurious sectionals, and consoles, in addition to modular sofas for a living room.

Coffee tables, attractive chairs, and benches are also available to accommodate in the living room area space or close to windows.

It allows customization of the products to make them fit in a space and improve the aesthetic of your place. It needs to be comfortable and appealing that will match your lifestyle.

In addition, you can get comfortable beds, unique dressers, and armoires to make your rooms cozy and utilize the space in a better way.

It provides modern designs of chairs and dining tables to make your dining area attractive for visitors. It also offers small space items that can fit in an entryway or outdoor area.

Furthermore, you can also get various products related to home decor, bedding, and bath. Stationery items and outdoor accessories are also present in addition to gifts for kids and adults.

Is Anthropologie owned by Urban?

Anthropologie is connected to Urban Outfitters as both of them are owned by the same company, URBN.

URBN is a retail-industry giant that provides a collaborative platform to many consumer brands that are all connected to it, including Free People, Terrain, FP Movement, and Anthropologie.

In addition, Urban Outfitters, Nuuly, BHLDN, and Menus &Venus are also connected with URBN, which are all creative to provide unique products to customers.

Urban Outfitters has almost 500 stores, and Anthropologie has more than 180 stores worldwide offering products that add a modern and luxurious touch to their lifestyle.

Both have the same parent company, but Anthropologie focuses on women’s clothing, including bridal dresses or kid’s products, and provides indoor and outdoor products.

Furthermore, it is more expensive than Urban Outfitters as its clothing is more grown in fashion and has an exclusive assortment of furniture items for indoor and outdoor places.

The vibrant, velvety material of sofas makes them a centerpiece of the living room and increases the cost of the product. However, their high price tags indicate the excellent quality of the products.

Does Anthropologie have high-quality furniture? 

Many people find Anthropologie furniture to be pricey that does not match the quality as high price tags are not justified if their quality is considered.

It is known to be a mid-level brand in terms of quality, having luxurious furniture items ranging from sofas to beds and dining sets.

Moreover, their products have a great appearance and look appealing to visitors, but their quality is not up to the mark as they cannot stand up to tough times.

In addition, their sofas and beds are not comfortable enough but look gorgeous as they offer a unique color palette and creative designs.

One of my friends bought a mini 2-cushion couch, an elegant and sophisticated item that provides a good family space in the room but has a mid-level quality.

It was outstanding in appearance but could not perform as expected after looking at the price tag. In the same way, wooden bookcases and coffee tables are not sturdy and durable.

Many people have complained about their drawers and storage items that do not move smoothly and fall apart after using them for a few months or a year.

How to get free shipping on Anthropologie furniture? 

Their shipping fees are not so high as they charge only $7 to $16 for standard shipping that is delivered in one week.

Moreover, it will charge around $8 to $10 for express shipping, which takes almost 48 to 72 hours, while overnight delivery costs around $13 to $15 as it delivers overnight.

In addition, you can get free shipping if the cost of ordered items is more than $50, as it offers free shipping for eligible products according to this criteria.

Unlimited furniture delivery provides an opportunity to get all the products delivered and assembled by a white glove service at a flat-rate fee.

They can assemble all items except mirrors, chandeliers, hanging items, and bath vanities. The shipping cost of orders worth more than $1000 is $230 to $250.

You can get free shipping on Anthropologie furniture by joining their AnthroPerks program, which offers customers free shipping on orders of $50.

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