What to Put in Large Decorative Bowls?

What to Put in Large Decorative Bowls?

The large decorative bowls are essential in your living room to place different things to add beauty. Many people feel happy to add different and creative things to their living rooms.

What to Put in Large Decorative Bowls? You can put artwork accessories, crystal balls, shiny balls, small water balls of various shades, fruits, and scented candles in your large decorative bowls and paint them with different colors and designs. Seashells, fake flowers, and artificial grass give a natural appearance. In addition, you can also add antique items to make them look old and rustic. Furthermore, you can put colorful stones with pearls and fairy lights.

You can also add things according to your interest and taste. Moreover, it is also good to create different themes, but it is costly and time-consuming.

Artwork accessories

Some people like to do artwork for decoration purposes. It is also their hobby, and they want to make something creative and attractive.

They use different brushes and various paints to make various sceneries and canvas.

The colorful brushes and paint bottles look cool when placed in large bowls.

In addition, you can also paint these products to make them charming.

Finally, you can create designs of flowers by using brushes on their sides to enhance their appearance.

When you place all of your accessories in one thing, it looks pretty and remains safe.

Crystal balls

Crystal balls are famous due to their beautiful shape and glittery appearance. In addition, it gives positive energy when you place them day-night.

Moreover, they also attract direct sunlight, and it looks charming on the dining table.

These are available in various colors and sizes, and you can purchase them according to the location of placement.

You can purchase 2 to 3 smaller sizes and colors for a classical appearance.

Some crystal balls contain the glitters on their inner side, which brightens nighttime and gives a shiny touch.

There are other balls present in the market, and you have to place them in water.

They become big when you add water, and then you can place them in bowls.

When you turn on the light, the color of these water balls brightens due to the reflection of light.

The adjustment of sting or fairy lights on the sides of the pot also makes them more beautiful.


Seashells look like wooden material and give an antique appearance to your table. You can add colorful pearls with these shells.

Attach them on the sides and add multiple colorful pearls on the middle side for a classical look.

It is also better to create an oceanic theme with these ornaments.

You can place the fake grass at the bottom side and add these shells.

You can create a watery environment by adding resins for a natural appearance.

In addition, it is also great when you stick them to the surface by using glue.

The adhesion with glue is better than placing them because they can also fall off.

TV Remote

Many people have large tables for different accessories in front of their sofas, chairs, and recliners. 

You can place the remote in it when you have a TV in your living room. It is ideal for placing the remotes in this so you cannot find them.

Moreover, you can also place your air conditioner remotes in this area.

It is a safe place because sometimes, they get under the sofas when they accidentally fall on the floor.

Falling on the floor can also cause breakage, and they fail to work efficiently.


Most of the people first sit on the sofas after coming from outside. They have the keys to their rooms or automobiles in their hands.

When you add large bowls to the tables, it becomes safe to place keys.

In addition, it is also suitable for guests to put their keys in these bowls and take them when they go out.

Keys are smaller in size, and there are more chances of their getting lost. Furthermore, children in your home also take them, and you face difficulty.

Whenever you have to go out in case of emergency, you can take the keys from their specific place.

Antique items

The placement of antique items in the decorative items enhances their look and makes them modern.

They can also add texture and gives a vintage appearance to your whole interior.

The addition of antique items is also beneficial because they are considered reminders of old cultures and customs.

You can add different coins from various countries for a vintage appearance.

The different decoration pieces are also available in the market, useful for embellishment purposes.

The addition of small lanterns, guns, and knife gives the old rustic touch.

You can also purchase small antique products with rusty brown colors for decoration purposes.


The snacks are the major part of food, and you have to consume them for a whole day.

When these are present on a table, you can easily eat them while doing home chores.

You can place the colorful fruits, but you have to eat them as early as possible due to their lower shelf life.

You can put fake fruits like small pumpkins and bananas for decoration purposes because of their brighter color.


You can also put candles in these decorative bowls to protect the wooden table.

The melted wax can damage the surface of tables.

In addition, the scented candles also give texture and a refreshing environment to your living room. The small glittery candles also give a charming appearance.

You can also add candles of different sizes and bright colors to give an aesthetic look. Electric candles are also available that are safer than other types.

When you invite someone to dinner, the bowls with scented candles provide a good fragrance and fresh environment.

Fake flowers

The fake flowers provide a natural appearance to your interior.

You can add them to the bowls, and their branches that come down also look classical.

In addition, the dry and artificial leaves with colorful paints are also appealing in your room.

The artificial pine cones of white and purplish shades are available on the market, and you can purchase them.

The addition of pine cones gives a snowy theme to your living room.

The addition of artificial grass provides the natural scenery.

You can also add white flowers between this greenery to make them alluring.

Colorful stones

You can put stones of blue and white color to give a rocky touch to your interior.

The stones with different paints are an ideal combination.

You can also make different paintings on middle-sized stones like bugs by using white and red colors. In addition, the small white stones are also present in the market.

Add the white stones with artificial greenery for a cool appearance.

The glittery paints are also beneficial for these stones to make the glass bowls more decorative.

You can also do some artwork on larger stones to enhance their embellishment.

Small toys

Children’s toys are present in every home, and some of them are beautiful and charming.

However, small toys like colorful blocks look good in bowls for decoration purposes.

You can also add stuffed toys for a cozy and warm appearance in your living room. 

Add teddy bears and plastic emojis to give a funny theme. Moreover, you can put spinners of bright shades to make these look good.

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