What Size Throw Do I Need for a 3 Seater Sofa?

What Size Throw Do I Need for a 3 Seater Sofa?

You can add a throw on your 3 seater sofa to make it comfortable for reading books and watching movies. These are also easy to clean, and you can wash them within 15 to 20 min.

What Size Throw Do I Need for a 3 Seater Sofa? The ideal throw size for a 3 seater sofa is 55 inches × 65 inches. However, it depends on the design, location, and type of sofas. You can also increase or decrease its size to adjust its style. The exact size throw is preferable for couches to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris. In addition, these are beneficial for adding color, variety, and style to your room.

You can also match or contrast their colors with your furniture to create a balanced look.

How to measure the size of 3 seater sofa for a throw?

You have to measure the size of the sofas before putting the throws on them. The measuring is different for various styles and designs of the furniture.

You have to take the inches tap for accurate size measurement.

When you want to add them to the backside of the couch, then measure it.

Put the inches tape on the left side and then move it towards the left and add some extra inches.

The purpose of extra inches is to leave the fabric on both sides for a stylish look.

The addition on the arm side is also best for a couch, and it also needs less fabric.

You can measure the size from the arm to the lower end near the floor.

What size throw is best for 3 seater sofa?

The ideal size for these couches is about 55 inches × 60 inches to cover about half of the upholstery.

Putting them on the right arm side to the lower end can easily occupy most of the surface and protect them from dust and damage.

The 3-seater couches do not have the same length and width.

However, some of them are wider and have larger seats, and you can increase the size according to their measurements.

Moreover, you can also increase or decrease their size according to their adjustment styles. The placement in a messy style requires more fabric.

Which things determine the size of the throw on a 3 seater couch?

I have added important things that determine the length and width of the throw for your couches. You have to consider them before purchasing these small blankets.

Types of sofas

The type of couch matters a lot because they come in various designs and styles.

The size also differs according to their design and shape.

When you have armless sofas, you have to decrease some inches for their adjustment.

In addition, some of them also come on the market with lower backs to add a modern and stylish touch.

You also need a small size fabric for lower back couches so they do not touch the floor.

Size of sofas

The 3-seater couches come on the market in different sizes depending upon their brand.

Some of these companies make wider and larger seats to make them comfortable.

When they are larger than the standard size, you should also need extra sheets to cover their surface.

The arm is also wider and needs more fabric to cover its upholstery.


It is a trend to add the larger throws that touch the living room floor.

However, if the floor is clean and couches are present in your living room, you can put the larger ones.

You have to cut down some inches if your furniture is present outside.

The outside floors are dirty, and they will also make them dirty, and you have to wash them frequently.

It is also better to measure the correct sofa’s length to protect them from dirt.

Why would you put a throw on your sofa?

These throws are small and comfortable blanket-like pieces of fabric that have multi-functions.

People set them on their couches with different styles and designs according to the decoration of their room.

Decoration purpose

This piece of fabric helps to decorate your interior and make them look charming.

For example, when you have lighter paint on your living room walls, you can brighten them by adding darker colorful sheets on the couch.

The decorative room also grabs guests’ attention, and you feel happy in this environment.

The dull living room without any creative things does not look cool.

Modern touch

Many people want to add different ornaments and decorations to their bedrooms to look modern and stylish.

Moreover, their modern style also comes due to their various designs and prints.

Some of them have bold designs, which can increase visual attraction.

Placing them with cushions provides a more stylish and modern touch.

Add variety and color

These are available in various designs in the market, and you can select them according to your choice.

It is also helpful to make the living room refreshing because of the brighter colors.

You can match their shade with paints on interior walls.

If the paint of the walls has a lighter color, then prefer to purchase the brighter shade throws to brighten your interior.

It is also ideal for adding a color pop to your neutral and dull room.

You can also select various designs and prints for a charming look.

I always add brighter and cool shades in the summer season and darker tones in the winter season.

You can add lining prints for a decent and sleek appearance, while floral prints are also available to brighten the room.

Keep the dirt away

Many people love to keep pets in their homes, and these pets also sit on your couches and other furniture.

These are better if you have cats with large furs on their bodies. 

The addition of these small blankets is beneficial because you only need to wash them and remove hair from them.

In addition, they also protect the upholstery from damage by keeping away the dust and debris.

These are large enough to cover more than half of your furniture and reduce spillage-related damages.

Make sofas cozy

These are made of soft material and provide a cozy and comfortable feeling when sitting on the sofas.

It has become the favorite place of pets and people during the winter season due to its warm and cozy feeling.

In addition, you can also sit there after getting tired from a hectic work routine.

These are also beneficial for your children when they want to take a rest.

The polyester and wool fabrics are warmer and better when the temperature is low and the outside environment is cold.

Use as a blanket

These are also used as blankets because of their soft and comfortable fabric.

When more guests come to your house, you can sleep on the sofas and use throws as a blanket.

Moreover, people also use this place for a short nap during the daytime to feel relaxed.

When you are reading books while sitting on the couch, you can also use them as a blanket during the winter season.

These are long enough to cover your whole body and provide a cozy and warm feeling.

What type of throw should I add to my 3 seater sofa? 

The various throw fabrics are also available, including cotton, wool, linen, and polyester.

The cotton and linen stuff is best because they are washable and suitable for all seasons. The polyester and wool stuff is only useful during winter and cold days.

You cannot use them in summer because they can release more heat and you cannot feel comfortable.

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