What is the Standard Length of a 3 Seater Sofa?

What is the Standard Length of a 3 Seater Sofa?

Sofas provide us with a comfortable sitting place for multiple people. The number of seats on them varies greatly. You can have single, two-seater, 3-seater, or even five-seater couches. All of them have different dimensions and sizes.

What is the Standard Length of a 3 Seater Sofa? A 3-seated sofa has an average length of 87 inches and a width of 85 inches. They have a standard depth of 40 inches, and their height varies from 32 to 38 inches. Measure the length of the sofa, the doorways, the passages, and the empty area to know if the couch will fit in the place. The average length of seat cushions is about 20 to 24 inches. The required length of fabric to cover them is 14 to 25 yards.

You can place them in the living room or bedroom to create a focal point. The size of these couches can differ depending on the surroundings and the size of the area.

The standard length of 3 seater sofa

The length is the distance between the arms on both sides of the sofa. The sizes of couches vary depending upon the number of seats. For example, a three-seated couch has three seat cushions and can accommodate 3 to 4 persons.

The standard length of them is approximately 87 inches(7.25 feet). However, it can vary from 74 to 88 inches depending upon the size of the seat.

Different manufacturers mention the size dimension in different units. The average length of a 3-seated couch is 220cm or about 15 to 17meters.

Standard width and depth of 3-seater sofas

The width is the distance between the front and rear end of the arms. For example, an average size 3 seated couch is about 85 to 90 inches wide. Depth is the measurement from the seat cushions front to the back.

The standard depth is about 40 inches. The height is the measurement from the tallest point of the couch to the rear end. The standard height varies from 32 to 36 inches for a 3-seated sofa.

How to measure the length of 3 seater sofa?

The length and other dimensions of all the couches can vary greatly. You need to know the exact size of the sofa to fit it in your room.

It helps the manufacturers in safely delivering the furniture to your house. You can place them in an open area to accurately measure the length.

Hold the tape straight and place it on one arm of the couch. Then align it along the whole length and take it to the farthest end or another arm of the sofa.

Mark the point on the tape to check the exact length and note the values in your notebooks for future use.

How do I know if a 3 seater sofa fits my place?

Sofas and other furniture pieces should enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. They should be in harmony with the room and surroundings. It is crucial to know the exact place of furniture in your room to décor the space.

Three seated sofas have medium length and occupy a central position in any space. It is long than small-size chairs.

So you should measure the hallways and doorways before placing them inside. Measuring doorways is essential to take them inside of a room.

First, measure the height of the doors and passageways. Measure from the highest to the lower point of the door.

Then measure the door clearance by measuring the distance between both ends of the clearance area. The entry clearance should be large enough to give way to a piece of large-sized furniture.

After this, measure the area of the room with a measuring tape. Then place all the other furniture and measure the available space for it.

The couch should fit in the available space. You should have enough space in the surroundings to walk around it freely. It should not give a clustered look to your living room.

Required fabric to cover a 3-seater sofa

The required fabric depends upon the dimensions and styles of a couch. It can vary even among the same size sofas. For example, some three-seated couches have a high back frame while others have a low back. The fabric for a high-back piece of furniture is different from the items with a low back.

On average, the required fabric to cover them is about 14 yards to 25 yards. The standard width of the upholstery cover is about 57 inches. You can measure the length and width to calculate the required fabric.

It extras 5 to 10% fabric to compensate for the loss during sewing. It is also necessary to cover the joint and fit snugly over the ouches.

You can choose any fabric, depending on your choice. Cotton and velvet are the most common of all types of materials. You can also choose synthetic microfiber to make it last longer.

Average seat cushion size for a 3-seater sofa

The seat cushions are either small or big, depending upon the length of the couch. On average small 3, seated cushions are 20 to 24 inches wide. A large one can have a seat cushion 26 to 28 inches wide. The size can differ depending upon the design and style of an item.

Modern and contemporary furniture has a minimalistic design. These types of sofas have small seat cushions. While old traditional settees have large-size cushions. Usually, the seat cushions are square. All of them have the same lengths and widths.

The depth of cushions also varies according to the design. On average, the depth of 3 seated couch cushions varies from 20 to 24 inches. They can accommodate 3 to 4 people comfortably. But small-sized seat cushions can not accommodate more than three persons. Sometimes only two people can comfortably sit in their relaxation.

You can place 3 to 5 cushions on them to give a symmetrical and fuller look. However, using more than five cushions on the back will create a clustered look on your furniture.

Where can you place a 3-seater sofa?

These couches are a large piece of upholstery, and you can place them in the center of the room.

Place it opposite the TV in the living room to create symmetry. You can not use them as a corner sofa.

You can also place them in big bedrooms with two signal chairs or lounges. You can put them against the wall opposite the bed. Never place them in the dining room or hallways.

Their presence will give a cluttered and crowded look to these places. You can place them in the guest room with a combination of single or two seated couches.

Why would you prefer three seater sofas?

They are a crucial part of decorating your rooms and living area. This item of furniture is the most used item in your home. Three-seated sofas are more beneficial than other seating items in various ways. They can create a focal point in your living room.

After placing them, you can give symmetry and direction to other pieces of furniture. All other interior décor pieces can face the same direction and create harmony in the living area. Single or two seated couches can not serve as a sleeping place for the guests.

They give ample space to sit and chat with family members and friends. You can sit and watch TV programs with family members. They can also serve as a sleeping place for guests and friends. In modern style, three seated sofas can give the room a contemporary and elegant look. They can change the overall look and appearance of a dull space.

How big is a 3-seater sofa?

The length and size depend upon the surroundings and area of the room. The 3-seater pieces of upholstery will appear big in a small room. While in large rooms or living areas, they will appear smaller.

The presence of other items in the room will also affect their size. In an overcrowded room, they will look big. But in space, they will appear smaller than their actual size.

Placing them against a big wall will make them appear small. Placing them against sectional or five seated couches will make them small.

Different manufacturers have different sizes for them. Some have big seats, and the overall size of these sofas is large.

The small width and length of the seats will make them appear small. However, some people prefer the customized size of these pieces of furniture. Such items can also have small or big sizes depending upon the customer’s choice.

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