How to Update a Camelback Sofa?

How to Update a Camelback Sofa?

Camelback sofa gives a formal look to the interior, and they come in various designs. You can upgrade it by simply changing the design, color, or fabric, adding a bright look to your old one.

How to Update a Camelback Sofa? You can update a camelback sofa by changing its color with fabric spray paint. Sometimes putting throws or covers transform it into a stylish one and make it look cool. Moreover, you can add bold or trendy cushions and completely replace the upholstery fabric with velvet. You can even replace its legs and frame with different designs to enhance its structure. Finally, adding a tufted back and new foam changes its appearance and gives new life.

Camelback sofa has arch shape back with outward curve arms just like the hump of a camel. It is the essential part of your living room, and it becomes the centerpiece of any room.

Decorating the sofa needs money, so I upgrade it by simply changing its look, which turns out amazing.

Change the color

Adding bold or trendy colors to your Camelback sofa is exciting and fashionable. With time, it tends to get old as the color starts fading, dull, or even you get bored of it.

However, you can use fabric paint to improve the faded sofa and completely change the color.

If it is light in color, you can even dye it in a dark shade, and it refreshes the look. You can paint it in different colors, but first, vacuum it thoroughly to remove the dust.

Then cover the floor, legs, and frame of the furniture to prevent overspray damage. After this, you have to shake the fabric paint well and apply it evenly on the whole surface.

Then you have to let it dry for some 18 to 24 hours and apply paint till you get the desired coverage. When it is dried, you have to use a brush to remove the extra color and make it uniform.

By painting the wooden frame

Painting the wooden frame of your furniture creates a unique look.

First, you have to clean the wooden frame of your sofa to get rid of all the grease and dirt. Then apply a thin coat of primer on furniture to give it a durable finishing look.

After the primer dries, you have to use sandpaper to remove the tiny bubbles or bumps for a smooth look.

If its wooden frame is light brown, you can paint it in dark brown color as it looks trendy and enhances the beauty.

Then apply dark brown color and dry for 16 to 18 hours. Coat it 2 to 3 times to get the desired color, and after this, polish the sofa with spray for a great finishing look.

By replacing sofa legs

You can make your camelback sofa look cool by changing its legs and styling it in different ways.

If you want to add a modern look to it, you have to choose a minimalistic leg with good angles.

Some people prefer to replace it in a splayed shape to give a new look. You can also add a wooden platform base to transform it into a different style.

You can even spray-paint the legs by adding a new design to give it a subtle and effective new look. You can also add height to your sofa by replacing legs with casters.

Sofa throws and covers

You can place matching knitted throws to add a finishing touch to your sofa.

Throws can be great as you can put them on your furniture for an aesthetically pleasing look. You can place its arm vertically, fold it, and adjust it beneath the cushion for decorative purposes.

They can add style to your living room, and you can even put on a throw while watching a movie as it provides lightweight means of warmness.

They come in many colors, but I prefer skin color cotton blended throw to give a refreshing look to my sofa.

These covers are good and economical options to upgrade the furniture as they offer active protection from daily wear and tear.

These covers can protect the furniture from mishaps, like if you are sitting on a couch with a coffee in your hand, and it spills accidentally.

These are easily washable, and you can quickly clean the pet hair from them. They are available in various fabrics or colors and add a stylish appearance. I also like to place chairs around the camelback sofa to give a decent look.

By throwing cushions or pillows

Adding pillows is the easiest way to change your sofa’s look completely. You can put different colors or shapes of cushion to add a comfy look, as it supports your back.

You can change the pattern, size, design, and even material of the cushion to transform the whole ambiance.

My friend also put round-shaped pillows on the sides to give a different look. If your camelback sofa has a neutral color, go for bright, dark, or bold shades of cushions.

It adds a refreshing, trendy, and gives new life to the tired one, and you can even try floral patterns. Some people go with geometric patterns of pillows to add a soft touch to your furniture.

Adding colorful cushions attract attention, and you can completely upgrade it as they are budget-friendly.

Upholstery fabric

The suitable fabric can completely change the whole sofa, and it looks modern. If you swap out the upholstery, then it looks like a brand-new couch.

If its color is not dark, you can even upholster it over the old one. Firstly, you have to choose a durable fabric of medium color and weight.

Cut it with scissors according to your desired measurements to fit well into the structure. After this, remove the old fabric, and you can also put the new fabric on it to get the right measurements.

Sew the arms, back panels, front panels, and attach the new fabric by fitting it in a frame. You can add a variety of materials such as velvet, leather, jute, linen, and woven.

Velvet fabric adds silky texture due to its uniquely rich hues and durability. However, if you have kids in your home, then go for a darker shade as the stains are more visible on light shades.

Tufted back

Adding button tufting back gives the entire camelback sofa a new and more tailored look. You can turn the boring one into an incredibly stylish look by adding tufted cushions.

For this, you have to stitch together the fillings and fabric layers with a strong thread to create depressions on the surface.

You can put buttons in them, and tufting keeps your cushion in place.

By changing the design of the sofa frame

A good sofa design is the central attention of family gatherings, dinner parties, self-care days, and relaxing evenings.

Sometimes you transform the entire look of your bedroom, and your furniture looks outdated.

Then you can update it just by changing the design of the frame. For example, if it is a three-seater, you can transform it into a two-seater by removing the curve and placing it in your bedroom.
You can convert it into a plain design to give it a modern and updated appearance.

By replacing the foam

If the whole structure and the fabric are in good shape, but the sofa seat gets saggy, then replacing the inner foam gives new life to it.

Firstly, you have to go to market and select a good quality foam of your choice. Use a knife to cut it in the desirable shape by measuring the size with tape.

Unstitch the outer fabric and remove the saggy, broken, or worn-out foam from the inside. After this, you have to add the new foam by evenly applying adhesive to the surface.

Compress it once it is aligned, and then wrap it with the fabric you removed from the old one.

Stitch the fabric, and it turns out amazing just by changing the foam. You can also place a plush foam or a firm one according to your preference.

How often do you update a camelback sofa?

If you select a brand-new camelback sofa and take care of the maintenance, it lasts for more than 8 years.

But if you go for used furniture, then the quality can be damaged while transporting it into a vehicle, and you need to replace it soon.

If the structure is of good quality and worn out, then changing the fabric merely adds a new life to it.

If you have more indoor parties, then you need to upgrade it more often as guests can damage it, causing sagging of the sofa.

You can upgrade your existing furniture with these ideas, as buying a new one needs more money.

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