How to Move Furniture Downstairs By Yourself?

How to Move Furniture Downstairs By Yourself?

It can be challenging for you to move furniture on your own, especially when moving it downstairs. Asking for professionals can be costly because you want to avoid spending money and give this task a chance to do it yourself.

How to Move Furniture Downstairs By Yourself? You can move furniture downstairs by yourself with the help of hand trucks, 4-wheeler dollies, an elevator, and moving straps. It is better to make a plan before moving the furniture, such as removing obstacles and wrapping the furniture.

You should always be careful when you are dealing with the matters like this. Take preventive measures and wear comfortable clothes for your safety.

Things to consider when moving your furniture downstairs by yourself

Moving furniture is not an easy task, and taking it downstairs yourself is going to be a challenging job. 

Moreover, you need to be extra careful not to damage your belongings and the walls during movement. Therefore, you better plan efficiently before moving it to avoid accidents. 

Take the measurements of the door frame from where you are going to pass through. Access the area of the stairs as they have turns and not going down straight.

In addition, it is better to measure your furniture also before taking it out and getting stuck in the process.

Furthermore, take a detailed look at the item you are moving because you need to disassemble it. Then, it will be easy to move the separate parts down the steps.

It’s essential to wrap it with moving blankets to avoid any damage. Put the blanket on it and wrap it all with the help of a plastic wrapping sheet.

What are the methods to move furniture downstairs by yourself?

Remove anything like shoes or toys on the floor, which can cause hurdles. Moreover, instruct the kids not to come near when you are moving the furniture.

There are some methods you can follow to move your furniture downstairs.

Hand trucks

The hand truck is equipment that is used to move heavy appliances and wooden items. It helps a lot when you have to lift and move this yourself. 

It is an L-shaped cart with two wheels, a platform to put objects over it, and a handle you grab with your hand. 

Lift the furniture a little to place it over the platform, and tilt the hand truck back in your direction. Start pushing it with your hand slowly down the stairs. 

Wheeler Dollies

The 4-wheeler dollies are straight and flat horizontal platforms that are bigger than the hand truck’s platform. 

It is used for items with large widths and weights. Lift the object and place it over the dolly with the help of another person. 

It is better to secure your furniture with straps before moving it downstairs. It has a handle through which you can hold the wheeler.

You better be careful not to pull it faster as its wheel can come crawling towards you and cause you injury.

This equipment can be expensive as it can cost you $80-$150 to rent.

Ask for help

It is a good option if you ask for help to move the furniture downstairs. Moreover, hand trucks and dollies are not always available.

However, the person who is going to help you should be strong. Make sure you have disassembled it before wrapping it.

Furthermore, the stronger one of you should be down the stairs holding it from beneath. The other person above should hold the item from the top.

Place your hands under the item to lift it from the floor. It is better to secure your balance before moving down.

Avoid the straightening of knees as it can cause unbalance and weight shift towards the person who is down the steps.

It is better if you are facing it instead of holding it by the back. In addition, communicate with your partner during the movement and keep instructing them about the turns and steps.

Moving straps

The moving strap, called the lifting strap, is used for lifting furniture with your friend. It will maintain a balance between the weight of the object and you.

Moreover, these are affordable pieces and can always help you to lift heavy objects. Start by placing the strap under it and wearing the belts across your shoulders.

Lift the item at the same time and place your hands under it. It requires less effort as it helps to shift the weight from your shoulder to the straps.

Use Elevators

Elevators are the better option to help you move your furniture if you live in an apartment building.

This is because the elevators of the apartment buildings are usually big, and you can place the big stuff in them.

It requires no effort and is a quick way to move it from the flat. However, elevators can only handle a limited amount of weight.

It is better to disassemble your item before taking it to the elevator. In addition, you need no partner to ask for help, which is a secure way to move it.

Why would you move the furniture downstairs?

You would want to move your furniture if you have bought a new house or an apartment and you are shifting from the old place to your new one.

Moreover, if you are renovating your house and need to shift it and other objects from upstairs to down.

You will move it if you want to replace the object with the new one, remove it, or repair it. 

How would you keep yourself safe from injuries when moving the furniture?

You would not want to hurt yourself while moving furniture downstairs. 

It is better if you have comfortable clothes when you are going to lift and move them. Wearing tight clothes can make it hard for you to move and walk.

Moreover, you should wear hand gloves as you can get an injury from lifting, or your hands can get slippery due to sweating.

In addition, wear shoes that are comfortable and do not have a sole that can cause you to slip from the stairs.

Be careful when you are going to lift it, and keep your back straight. Avoid keeping your knees straight, and always bend the knees as it can keep you safe from hurting your back.

Furthermore, avoid moving fast when lifting and walking with heavy objects and furniture downstairs.

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