How to Hang Sconces Next to a Picture?

How to Hang Sconces Next to a Picture?

Sconces are wall lighting fixtures that are fixed into walls using their support. They were first used to hold candles in candle brackets. They evolved into electric lightning brackets with time.

How to Hang Sconces Next to a Picture? You can hang scones next to a picture on both sides, below and above it. Moreover, you can add them between the pictures and the center of the picture frame. Avoid the wall studs in the process, as you can damage the beam of the house.

The sconces have become a fantastic piece of wall decor and the focal point of a place. Their subtle and soft light uplifts the comfort and cozy environment of the room.

On both sides of the picture

The sconce beside an oversized picture highlights the beautiful details of it or a painting. However, its light is not very sharp, making it a preferred type of lighting. 

In addition, their perfect ambiance spreads a sense of coziness in the room. Their number in the room depends on your preference and the size of the place.

They are available in various styles as well as in different sizes. It is your choice if you want to dedicate the wall to the picture and sconces on both sides.

Moreover, it is because any other thing except them on the wall will disturb the visual attraction and crowd the wall.

You can hang them on both sides of the oversized painting. The light from them will illuminate your wall art, and these three will act like one unit.

The lights coming from both sides will give the focal point to the painting. However, you can use one large light fixture as it is up to you if the wall art is large and the wall space is not big.

Furthermore, you can hang them beside the upper two edges of the frame or the lower two edges on both sides.

Below the picture

The position of the sconce and picture together depends on other factors, such as a couch under them or a reading corner. 

Furthermore, you have to use it for your reading as well, so you need to consider the installation of the fixture light accordingly.

It is better to hang them below the picture so that you can benefit from them for your reading. Moreover, you can get one that has two shades with up and downside bulbs.

One bulb should face toward the wall art, and one facing down toward the floor. It will look stylish and unique to have such a piece of decoration on your wall.

Furthermore, wall art is getting its limelight and visual attention in this way. Therefore, it will be a wise and smart way of utilizing them.

In addition, it depends on you if you want to use one big light fixture or two small ones beneath the lower edges of the frame. 

You should use one or two for one oversized frame. However, avoid going overboard because too many lights can block the visual capacity.

Above the picture

This placement of sconces is my favorite because it gives the effect of a spotlight.  

You can use this position solely for highlighting your favorite artwork.

Moreover, you can use this setting if you have a wall dedicated to the photo gallery. 

It will turn the wall into the focal point in an aspect of art and pictures.

You can hang art, family pictures, or decorations on this wall and hang a sconce above them. It depends on the number of frames and the area they cover on the wall.

In addition, it also depends on the size of the light fixture you will use because big ones will provide light in a large area.

It is better to use two small sconces for three medium-sized frames as it will provide enough light to all of them.

Furthermore, their bracket design also affects the spreading of light. The color and size of the shade influence the quality and quantity of light.

Avoid the wall studs

The wall studs are the beams made of wood or iron in the walls of your house. They support the house as they are the essential base of your home. 

It is essential to consider that you inspect your wall before hanging pictures and sconces. It can provide more support to the wall hangings and lights.

However, their position and placement depend on the location of the studs. It depends on how you decorate and hang them together. In addition, avoid nailing into the hollow space. 

Access the studs in the wall with a stud finder. Put it on the wall and keep moving it on the wall.

Furthermore, the stud finder makes a sound beep when it locates the stud. Studs are located with 18-26 inches of space between them.

You can take a rough idea of how you should install light fixtures and frames on the wall.

Between the pictures

The placement of sconces between the oversized pictures is also an ideal position. 

You can hang two of them between the three oversized paintings. 

This setting will elevate the wall area and furniture under it. For example, you can have an accent wall in your living room.

You can use long tube-like sconces, giving the illusion of a tall wall and ceiling. You can search the market and online sites for a selection of the ones you like and prefer for your place.

Furthermore, check how much area their light covers on the wall before getting a new one. The long vertical linear lights will look better with long rectangular frames.

They both will complement each other and provide visual satisfaction to your eyes. In addition, you can use small globes or lampshade fixtures for square frames.

Centre of the picture frame

You should measure the area before hanging them blindly on the wall. For example, measuring the center of the wall is better if you want to hang one oversized painting on the wall. 

Furthermore, you will also require measuring the installation of sconces according to the center of the frame.

In addition, the perfect balance of distance between them is effective for the decoration and styling of a room.

Moreover, know the center of the wall and mark it. Now, measure the length of the frame and divide it into two to get the center point of the frame.

Mark this point with a pencil on the wall. This point will be the center of the frame, and you can now hang the light fixture in a similar direction.

Furthermore, keep a space of 5 to 6 inches between the frame and sconce when you hang them next to a picture.

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