How Much Does it Cost to Scotchgard a Sofa?

How Much Does it Cost to Scotchgard a Sofa?

Scotchgard protects the fabric and upholstery from water-spilled stains and restricts the penetration of dirt particles into the fiber.

It is a spray-on treatment that safeguards the couches and improves the durability of their manufacturing material. 

How Much Does it Cost to Scotchgard a Sofa? You can Scotchgard a sofa for $8 to $22 with a single can of $8 to $19, $155 to $160 with pre-treatments, and the DIY method costs between $10 to $20 with appropriate skills. However, a professional can charge you around $80 to $170 and including the cost of cleaning, preparation, and drying. Scotchgard lasts for 7 to 8 months, and you can apply it by adjusting the couch in a ventilated spot, applying a thin layer from a distance of 16 to 17 cm, leaving it for 5 to 6 hours, and allowing overnight drying.

In addition, never apply coating without cleaning the surface of your sofa. You can use it on all types of washable fabrics, polyester, and acrylic, and it repels spills and stains with its effective composition. 

What is Scotchgard?

It is a spray protector to save the upholstery and fabric and repels water, ultraviolet rays, and stains. 

It prevents the spilling of stains deep down in the fabric. Moreover, it contains diluted Teflon plastic, and you can apply it to the sofa surface with a spray bottle.

The thickness of the layer depends on the user, the type of fabric, and its overall condition. 

You can apply it after cleaning the couch with a dry or wet cloth. It dries within a few hours and works as a barrier between the dirt particles and fibers. 

Water-based stains cannot affect the surface of fabric, upholstery, and polyester due to the improved performance of protective material. The water shield formula has versatile cleaning and safety properties.

Moreover, you can use the material on cotton and cotton as well. It provides durability and safety from the staining elements and keeps the couch clean for months. 

What is the average cost to Scotchgard a sofa?

It is available in cans and sprays bottles with dual protection and cleaning power. The average cost of one bottle/can is around $8 to $19. In addition, one spray bottle is sufficient for a midsized couch. 

Also, the quantity depends on the size of the sofa, and you can purchase multiple cans. A few people use pre-treatment techniques to protect the fabric for a long time. 

Moreover, these procedures are expensive and may cost you around $155 to $160. The average cost of the activity is $8 to $22. 

Also, the maximum cost is around $10 to $25. The minimum price of the procedure is $8 to $12. 

For average-sized furniture, you can add two coats for maximum protection. Apply a thin layer, leave it for drying and then apply the second layer. 

The number of coatings changes according to the style, size, and type of the sofa. Overcoating is not advisable because it tears the fabric.

How much does it cost to Scotchgard a sofa yourself?

Several people Scotchgard their couches without external help and save a few dollars. However, these procedures are not precise because people lack coating skills. 

A few apply thick coats and damage their fabrics. However, the average cost for a DIY method is around $10 to $20. These procedures do not involve pre-treatments and cleaning techniques.

It gets double due to dual spray bottles and multiple coatings. In a few circumstances, the procedure may cost up to $40 due to inappropriate skills and faulty applications. 

Moreover, these methods consume several hours, and you cannot get the desired results. 

How much does a professional person cost to Scotchgard a sofa?

People do not take risks to Scotchgard their cotton, nylon, and leather couches. However, they take the help of a professional person who provides better results. 

Moreover, he offers durable protection with high-quality safety material. In such circumstances, the expert purchases the appropriate repellent and applies it with different safety techniques.

A professional person cleans, washes, and prepares the couches before applying the Scotchgard. 

However, these procedures are costly due to additional pre-treatments. It can cost you around $80 to $170 for preparation, cleaning, and safety.

Also, they dry the protection layers with artificial air techniques. You have to bring the couches to the experts at their particular shops. 

However, they have all the equipment for cleaning and washing the fabrics. They repair the damages to the fabric and charge for these modifications. 

In a few conditions, the procedure is expensive, and you can ask for discounts. 

How do you Scotchgard a sofa?

I have explained a step-wise guide for coating the fabric of a sofa with the water-shield protective material.

Prepare the furniture by cleaning the surface with a lint-free fabric. Adjust the couch away from the non-fabric material.

Moreover, you can cover those items with paper and hide their surfaces. Avoid overspray and wipe the surface immediately with a rug. 

These are spray containers, and the material settles in the bottom. To resolve these problems, shake the can for around 2 to 3 minutes continuously.

Sometimes, the material mixes and provides a stable and thin coating. However, a few colors are incompatible with this material. 

You can test the compatibility by applying the material to the hidden corners. Then, wipe the surface immediately and check the presence of color.

In a few conditions, the color removes, and you cannot use the Scotchgard on these surfaces. 

For compatible materials, hold the can upright and access the distance. It is better to keep the nozzle around 16 cm to 17 cm away from the surface.

You should avoid the heavy coating and make a thin layer. Hide the fabric with water and stain repellent spray.

Leave the first layer for drying and check it after 5 to 6 hours. Then, reapply a second coat for better control and stability.

However, the durability of the protective material changes according to the wearing of the fabric. However, the substance adds shine to the couch surface and upgrades it.

How long does Scotchgard last on a sofa?

It can last for around 7 to 8 months and protects the fabric from stains and dirt. However, its lifespan depends on the number of coatings and the thickness of the sofa material. 

In a few conditions, the efficiency of the protective material decreases, and you have to apply a layer.

The condition and maintenance of the couch determine the reapplication process. 

However, you cannot leave the couch without spraying after seven months. 

Negligence can damage the fabric of the couch and result in permanent stains over the surface. 

A few people wash and clean their couch fabrics at home or through professional help. After such procedures, always apply Scotchgard on the couch. 

You have to repeat the procedure after dry cleaning and other such sessions. Moreover, heavy-duty products have a seasonal application, but the middle activities determine the protection. 

Several people apply the coating after 1 to 1.5 years. Moreover, you can follow this pattern according to the condition of your couch and fabric. 

You can use alternative techniques for the incompatibility colors of upholstery. 

Is it safe to use Scotchgard on a new sofa?

You can protect the fabric with expert recommendations about the product. However, they are safe for upholstery and fabric. In addition, the safety depends on the type of sofa, its material, and its usage.

A few materials are incompatible with the protective material. In such situations, you can lose the fabric and the couch.

However, a water shield protector is best for nylon, polyester, silk, and cotton. But, you cannot use it on leather couches due to its incompatibility with this material. 

However, a heavy shield protection material is beneficial for leather and keeps it clean and waterproof for a long time. Take the help of a professional person before purchasing a safety spray for your couch. 

How long does Scotchgard take to dry?

It can take around 10 to 12 hours for complete drying. Also, the material remains unaffected by the temperature and surrounding environment. 

You should leave the protection layer for a night for overall drying. In such a way, you can save the fabric and protective material from dirt and other hazards. 

The first coat requires around 3 to 5 hours for drying. Then, you can apply the second layer without any problem. 

You cannot coat the wet protective layers because the material loses work efficiency. You can decrease the drying time by adding a fan or adjusting the sofa to a ventilated area. 

However, natural air circulation is beneficial for drying the first coat. A person should learn about the drying periods and identify the fresh material on the surface. 

You can check it with a close observation after the recommended time. Then, apply a thin coat on the fabric for quick drying and better results. 

Complete drying is necessary because wet material is not safe for children and pets.

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