How Much Does it Cost to Restuff Couch Cushions?

How Much Does it Cost to Restuff Couch Cushions?

Restuffing the couch cushions means refilling the new foam or polyester in the cushions. You can unzip the cover, remove the old filling and adjust the foam with quilt batting. 

How Much Does it Cost to Restuff Couch Cushions? You can restuff couch cushions for $75 to $1000; it costs $150 to $500 for two cushions, $225 to $750 for three, and $300 to $1000 for four cushions.

Their restuffing price varies according to the size of these covers. However, labor charges are slightly higher than DIY refill methods. 

What is the cost of restuffing couch cushions?

The average cost to restuff one cushion of a couch can vary from $75 to $250. The price changes according to the couch size and the type of material. 

You can select foam because it is one of the best stuffing for the cushions of a couch and can last for several years. Moreover, you can refill two cushions for $150 to $500. 

Restuffing three cushions of a couch can cost about $225 to $750. For four, you can spend about $300 to $1000. 

A professional can charge you about $250 to $380 to stuff the cushions. The thickness of the stuffing determines the total cost and varies according to the customer’s demands.

The procedure is complex because it involves trimming and cutting the foam to adjust it inside the pillows. For one outdoor couch, you can spend around $80 to $570, and two cost you about $160 to $1140.

Their restuffing is expensive due to the cushion size and the dimensions of the sofas. Therefore, their number varies according to their design and dimensions. 

Three-seat outdoor sofa cushion restuffing may cost you around $240 to $1710. For a 36-inch cushion, the restuffing can cost you about $130 to $200. 

Their dimensions depend on their depth, and you can spend around $140 to $220 to refill a 60-inch cushion of a sofa.

The thickness of these pillows varies and reaches 80 inches, which requires more stuffing to achieve an intact shape. The standard filling procedure costs you around $150 to $250. 

Its thickness can increase by over 80 inches due to its particular designs and comfort. For these options, you can refill the foam for about $170 to $400.

The refill material has different categories according to composition and comfort and is available in distinct price ranges.

You can select the material from different upholstery stores, couch-selling portals, and foam factories according to the size of your couch and the required material. 

Select standard foam for $120 to $240 due to its manufacturing and stuffing ability because it cannot increase the cushion height.

The second category is down-enveloped stuffing which you can select for $230 to $540. The other foam categories are 100 percent down material, which is expensive due to its filling ability and costs you about $250 to $1340 for the sofa.

For the back cushions, you can select polyester due to its lightweight and easy-to-carry properties. In addition, it provides an intact shape to the backside pillow, and you can restuff the polyester to remove its sagging. 

For a 26-inch back pillow, you can fill about 3 to 6 pounds of polyester. The weight of polyester can reach 12 pounds according to the required stuffing, size of the back cushion, and thickness level to achieve the look. 

The stores can charge you about $1 for one pound of polyester because it is raw and lightweight, comprising a white appearance and stuff inside the back pillow covers.

The cheap filling material costs about $3 to $6 according to the weight and selling cost. 

Things that affect the cost of restuffing the couch cushions

It is not an expensive procedure, but the price varies according to the number of pillows. The following things can increase their restuffing cost.

Thickness of foam

The thickness of the stuffed foam determines the procedure cost because it varies with the dimensions of the couch. It has an average thickness of about 2 to 10 inches.

Several people require thick cushions for optimized comfort. You can select the foam for these pillows for about $15 to $25.

It varies according to the selling portals and the quality of the foam. For example, the enveloped and down foam is more expensive and thick.

Size of cushions

These are square-shaped pillows and adjust inside the frame with the support of the backside of a couch. They have different dimensions due to the variability of sofa designs. 

Due to the large covers, you can fill more foam inside them. It makes them fluffy, and they stabilize after some time due to the saggy nature of the foam. 

You can adjust polyester in the corners and nooks of the back pillows. The filling technique determines the cost of this method.

You can take professional help to refill the foam and polyester correctly.

Sewing and fixation of the cover

They have a zip on their backside that combines both ends. You can pull the zip and open the covers from the rear to approach the old material.

A few pillows are without zips due to their designs. Instead, the manufacturers sew the cover to attach the corners.

With these options, the stuffing cost increases. In addition, it adds the sewing and fixation charges to the package.

It is a challenging process and consumes more time. You should never use excessive force because pulling the covers can tear the fabric.

What is the method to restuff couch cushions?

Several people restuff their couch cushions to refresh their looks and enhance their appearance.

You can spend around 2 to 4 hours restuffing the sitting and back cushions of the couch. After that, you can start from the back side of your couch. 

You can remove the pillows, pull their covers, and remove the old polyester. You can wash their covers to improve their look.

You can take a handful of polyester, fill it inside the cover without leaving space and push the polyester in all the corners and nooks. Then, you can remove the old foam and replace it with a new filling. 

You can add 2 to 3 layers of foam in a quilt batting and fold it in an envelope. You can increase the layers according to the sagging look of the pillows and apply the adhesive material to combine the batting with foam.

You can keep the pillow on the batting, adjust it inside the cover and apply elbow grease to fix the pillow in the standard position.

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