Does Wayfair Remove Old Furniture?

Does Wayfair Remove Old Furniture?

Wayfair is an online marketing company providing thousands of high-quality products, including furniture items from different brands.

Does Wayfair Remove Old Furniture? Wayfair does not remove old furniture when it is damaged and needs disposal because it is not responsible for the disposal of damaged furniture items. Moreover, it will not help to donate the products when replacing them with new ones purchased from Wayfair. However, they can help install and haul mattresses and appliances and throw them to local disposal areas.

Removal of old furniture means correct disposal to protect the environment from harmful effects, making it difficult for furniture stores to find suitable places to get rid of them.

It allows many physical and online stores to offer only assembly and installation by clearing up the space inside the room.

Why does Wayfair not remove old furniture?

Some furniture stores offer services of removing old furniture when they are installing a new one in its place. You have to pay a reasonable fee for the removal and installation service.

However, some of these stores only haul-away mattresses and box springs and do not help get rid of damaged beds and sofas.

Wayfair is one of those stores that do not take responsibility for their disposal and donation.

It suggests hiring junk removal companies and making an appointment with local municipal authorities for sustainable disposal.

It also guides about charity organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army to donate old furniture.

You have to send bed frames and tables for the recycling process by yourself, as Wayfair has nothing to do with your junk and old furniture.

Many online stores like Wayfair do not take any responsibility for removing and disposing of old items due to liability concerns that can arise due to contracts, taxes, fines, etc.

Furthermore, there are safety issues while dealing with used and damaged products, as they can contain harmful chemicals and germs that can affect their employees’ health.

So, many stores do not remove old furniture, including Wayfair, Ashley furniture, Ethen Allen, and Pottery Barn.

Does Wayfair remove old beds?

Wayfair does not remove any wooden furniture, including bed frames, if they are heavily used or damaged and need disposal or donation.

The delivery guys cannot help remove the broken bed frames from the house as these need proper disposal and to be handed over to the local municipal authorities.

It is not going to compromise the personal safety of its employees. They can help haul mattresses only if they are suitable to remove, according to the California mattress recycling program.

Removal of a water bed is not suitable for disposal as it is a vinyl mattress filled with water and is difficult to be disposed of due to added water and needs expert help.

Moreover, they will not haul away mattresses with sharp objects sticking out of them as it can cause injury during loading and unloading.

You cannot expect any help for removing heavily soiled mattresses or those loaded with bed bug infestations.

Furthermore, Wayfair removes only old mattresses and box springs and does not help dispose of pillows, couch cushions, and mattress toppers.

The sofa bed and crib are also not included in their haul-away or full-delivery services.

Where does Wayfair dispose of old mattresses?

Wayfair understands the significance of proper disposal of old mattresses as they could have tiny insects like bed bugs and germs that can spread infectious agents in the environment.

One of the suitable methods of disposal is recycling, as landfills can create an environmental issue, and most of the landfill areas are filled.

Moreover, the increased landfill cost and lack of space make it essential to recycle the material when possible. Therefore, it follows sustainable disposal methods and drops them at a recycling site.

Recycling mattresses can help overcome harmful emissions and decreases waste production. It is easy for recycling companies to deconstruct mattresses using their hands.

They extract textile and cotton material for use by the textile industry to manufacture rugs, and steel can be used for producing new products.

Similarly, the foaming material will be used for furniture cushioning and carpet production. So, it moves old mattresses to suitable disposal sites and local recycling plants.

Does Wayfair install and haul-away appliances?

Wayfair provides services for installing appliances at the desired location and even removing older devices from the house.

It will support you by offering customer-friendly services when you feel stuck with non-functional appliances.

However, you have to check whether the purchased item is eligible for this service.

Moreover, Bosch, Samsung, and Frigidaire appliances are eligible for installation and haul-away or full-delivery service, and you have to pay a reasonable fee for the disposal.

The products of ZLINE, SMEG, and Bertazzoni are only eligible for handy installation service that includes assembly of appliances and installation by professional and experienced workers.

In addition, the cost of handy and full-delivery services are different depending on the removal, as convenient service only involves the assembly and installation process of appliances.

You have to choose expert installation after adding a product to the cart when you want convenient service. Therefore, measuring the space and preparing the kits is better to avoid delays.

Therefore, you can choose an appropriate service after selecting an item and choose the delivery date from the ‘your scheduled service’ option.

How much does Wayfair charge for mattress haul-away service? 

The cost of mattress installation and haul-away services have a flat fee that does not get changed with the condition of the product.

The haul-away service allows Wayfair to deal with junk and remove old mattresses from the house when replaced with newer ones. However, you should know that they do not remove old furniture.

It takes responsibility for product disposal that can be disposed of without affecting sustainability measures.

Moreover, it will charge around $140 to $150 to haul away an old mattress that is unusable and needs to be recycled or disposed of.

It is responsible for loading the packed mattress onto the truck, taking it away to the local disposing sites, and handing it over to the recycling companies.

So, it is better to pay a reasonable fee for the service to get rid of the old mattress, which can give you a headache as it is not easy to fold, pack, and throw it at the recycling site.

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