Does La-Z-Boy Take Away Old Furniture?

Does La-Z-Boy Take Away Old Furniture?

People often use La-Z-Boy to get rid of used furniture when renovating their homes with a new collection of sofas, tables, recliners, etc.

Does La-Z-Boy Take Away Old Furniture? The La-Z-Boy takes away your old furniture and delivers the new ones to your home. The purpose of collecting the used items is to donate them to a charity organization. They also sell your old sofas, recliners, and tables, as the used items or recycle them to make paper pulp and mulch. The main benefits are that you will also receive a discount on every new purchase after donating your used products.

If you purchase one product from them, they will also remove one damaged sofa from your home to make the space. 

What is the La-Z-Boy?

It is American-based famous furniture manufacturing company. This company is making various products to increase their demand in the market.

It has become famous due to its high-quality recliners all over the world. In addition, they are making loveseats, chairs, a variety of sofas, and ottoman tables.

In addition, all of their recliners, chairs, and sofas are upholstered with high-quality fabric for their longevity.

Why does La-Z-Boy take away old furniture?

This company provides a variety of chairs, couches, and love seats, and people always want to purchase new ones.

According to the customer’s requirements, they also have different fabrics for upholstery of the above materials.

Deliver new one

Many people want to decorate their houses with couches, chairs, and tables. The extra space is required for the placement of new kinds of stuff.

You have to remove the old sofas first, then add the new ones in your living room.

When you select your new products from their outlets, they deliver them to your house.

It becomes easy for you due to their exchange program, which is only possible when you buy new ones from their stores.

Charity work

After selling your old and broken sofas, the company donates the money to poor people. They donate the money to charity homes and institutes.

They will directly donate them to someone who is poor and cannot afford them. In addition, sometimes selling is also a common process to get money.

This money is utilized to help poor people and charity homes. Most of your donations go to the charity partner in your nearby areas.

Some organizations have high standards for used things when donating chairs or sofas.

In this situation, you can give to the local organizations. This company works directly with different charities, and their nominates.

The people who are environmentally conscious and do not want the disposed of in the landfills prefer charity work.

Provide a discount on a new purchase

Many people use this source for the removal of old chairs and couches. They have a specific policy for a discount on new products.

You can only get discount services if your sofas have less wear and tear. In addition, you can also avail this offer after donating the $20 to $25 to their charity partners.

You will receive $100 to $150 off while purchasing new recliners and chairs for your living room. The discount on new sofas will be $200 to $250.

The discounts on ottomans and tables range from $50 to $80.

Sell used furniture

The primary purpose of the collection of these items is to sell them. Therefore, the selling of used or damaged items is a common trend in markets.

The people who cannot afford the new ones can buy them. Moreover, the used stuff is also best for customers who repeatedly change the couches of their living room.

They can easily take the used ones, becoming a cost-effective option. It is also available at a lower price than the brand new.

It comes under half of the price tag of than original value. You can easily take them into your homes and use them for your living rooms and bedrooms.

Recycle old furniture

Recycling is also a good step toward preventing the wastage of wooden material. They have different recycling units.

The sofa that is damaged entirely and cannot sell for charity or selling purposes is best for recycling.

You can reuse the wooden material to create new products in this process. The paper is specially made from the recycling of wooden stuff.

These are also beneficial to use for building materials during construction. The recycled wood is also useful for landscapes and used as a mulch.

What type of used furniture does La-Z-Boy remove?

This company cannot collect all types of old items from your homes. First, they will check their quality and amount of usage from their current appearance.

These can only collect gently used furniture to sell in the market or donate it to poor people. The broken and damaged sofas or chairs cannot be used for this purpose.

Furthermore, the upholstered sofas, chairs, and recliners should be odorless. They cannot collect them if they are dirty due to the smell of stains and sweat.

Therefore, they will only collect the things that remain less in use and look new.

The nominates also check all of their parts so that they are not damaged.

Moreover, your upholstered recliners or chairs should also be free from insects and pet hairs for donation purposes.

Does La-Z-Boy charge money to remove old furniture?

There have different criteria for charges and for removing the used couches etc. For example, if you order the new dining tables from their outlet, they will collect them free of cost.

They will not charge any money to collect the stuff you are replacing. However, if you only call them for disposal, it will charge to take away your old couches, chairs, and tables.

In this situation, the charges depend upon the size of the tables and chairs. The collection and takeaway costs also depend upon your area.

How much does it cost to get rid of the old furniture?

You have to call the municipal committee when you want to dispose of the used stuff from your living rooms and bedrooms.

They will check the expiry date and condition for their disposal. The dumping process will also cost money which depends on several factors.

The committee will charge you according to your number of items. The average cost per piece is about $10 to $45.

It will also depend on your area and the distance from the landfills. You have to pay more if you live away from the landfills due to more fuel and rental costs.

How long does La-Z-Boy furniture last?

It is a good quality manufacturing company in the USA. They use high-quality wooden material during manufacturing which lasts for a longer time.

I used their recliners for about 7 to 9 years without any problem or damage. Many of my friends also use their love seats, chairs, and couches.

These materials are of good quality and high durability and can last for about 4 to 5 years.

They are one of the largest manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty on their product.

A lifetime warranty means that their products will easily last 10 to 15 years.

Their long-lasting quality increases the competition and market demand for their products.

Does La-Z-Boy buy back furniture?

These cannot buy back products like dining tables and sofas due to their customized policy. These will only remove the materials you want to replace with new ones.

In addition, it will also collect the used items for charity purposes, not for buying back.

So the other term they offer to their customers is only a return and exchange policy.

The exchange and return policy is valid for only 30 days.

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