Does IKEA MALM Bed Need Box Spring?

Does IKEA MALM Bed Need Box Spring?

IKEA Malm bed can support the weight of two people that is around 450 to 550 pounds. In addition, it contains a beam in the center that reach the opposite ends of the frame and makes it sturdy.

Does IKEA MALM Bed Need Box Spring? IKEA MALM bed does not need a box spring because they have wooden slats that provide a strong foundation for the mattress. In addition, these slats allow airflow inside the mattress through gaps present between the equally distant wooden bars. Box spring provides a non-supportive base and adds an extra height to the bed that does not look good. Accordingly, they are challenging to install, unlike slats structure, and not suitable for IKEA beds due to no standard size of the bed frame. 

You have to consider many things while purchasing furniture in addition to its design and cost. 

Many people use a box spring with these beds, but IKEA does not bound customers to add it. You can add or remove this bouncy frame if it feels uncomfortable.

Look at its benefits and disadvantages and choose whether you need a supportive and sturdy foundation or an unstable and expensive base.

Is it essential to add a box spring to the IKEA MALM bed? 

Box spring is essential to add to a bed frame when there is no solid foundation for the mattress. In addition, it provides a bouncier platform due to springs that allow air to pass inside the mattress.

Moreover, there is no need to place it on a bed because it contains slats on the frame. Slats perform the same function as the box spring does and keeps the mattress in its place.

MALM bed is made of veneer wood, or fiberboard is used to construct them. You can remove the slats if you want to add a metal frame, but there is no need to replace slats with it.

Slats offer many advantages compared to the box springs and prevent the need to add them over the frame. 

Why should you avoid placing a box spring on the IKEA MALM bed?

A metal frame over a bed offers multiple advantages, but they are not a better choice due to their low efficiency than wooden slats.

Slated foundation

It does not need a box spring because they have slats as a foundation to support the mattress foam.

In addition, it helps reduce the wearing and tearing of the mattress by restricting its movement.

Moreover, it provides excellent support to your body by generating an even flat surface for you to sleep on. All the slats need to be present at an equal distance.

Accordingly, the space between the slats allows air to pass through the mattress and keeps it dry.

In addition, they are suitable for every type of mattress, unlike box springs.

Furthermore, it avoids heat retention by providing a free passage for air. Keeps the mattress cool so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Unsupportive to mattress

A bouncy platform can be unsupportive for the mattress when its size does not match. Most commonly, an old box spring size does not fit a new frame.

This mismatch creates an uncomfortable surface that keeps moving back and forth.

In addition, there is a risk of the mattress slipping because the springs are responsible for undesirable motion.

So, you should prefer a solid and sturdy foundation instead of an uneven surface.

In addition, it provides better support to the mattress without a box spring.

Difficult adjustment

You have to make extra efforts to adjust a box spring. It can be a metallic or wooden structure that needs to be fixed before placing on the wooden frame.

It needs correct adjustment of side rails and a central rod. However, it has a set of 8 to 10 wooden slats that are easy to assemble and fix.

So, you have to avoid a box spring due to difficulty adjusting all nuts and bolts and rails.

Instead, I prefer an IKEA bed without a metal frame because these slats are easy to adjust.

Extra height

A bouncy metal frame can add extra height to the furniture that looks not appealing. It can hide the maximum size of the headboard and footboard.

However, slats add no extra inches to the furniture and keep it at the normal height. The presence of a box spring under the mattress looks like a heavy structure and makes it higher.

So, it is better to keep the height of a mattress at a minimum by replacing a box spring with wooden slats.

Not suitable for all bed frames

There are no standard frames that adjust the old box spring with a new mattress. Therefore, you cannot use any random metal frame for your bed.

It removes the need for adding a metal frame as it has slats inside it. These slats are mainly designed for the frame you are going to order.

You can get a compatible box spring, but that would be expensive as compared to the cost of wooden slats. 

Is it good to replace a box spring with wooden slats?

Wooden slats provide many benefits and ensure a better experience than box springs. One of their main benefits is that these wooden slats are cheaper and offer a stable foundation.

They avoid the sagging of the mattress when it hangs down on the sides of a bouncy metal frame.

The equally distant slats ensure better aeration and prevent the accumulation of moisture and heat inside the mattress.

Furthermore, they are easy to install, and you do not have to fix the rails and the bars by using screws.

All the advantages of wooden slats make them a suitable choice as a foundation compared to box springs.

Can you put an old box spring on the IKEA MALM bed?

The size of a box spring differs for every wooden frame. Therefore, you cannot put a box spring from one frame to another due to differences in their sizes.

It does not require a supportive metal frame due to its economical design. However you can add a bouncy foundation to your mattress, but it requires a specific frame.

Every bed requires a different box spring due to differences in size, height, and weight holding capacity. 

How many boxes do I need for a MALM bed?

There are many ways to utilize space under the beds. You can add storage boxes in the space to store extra items.

Moreover, you can place sheets, extra cushions, or books inside the boxes.

It provides a sufficient space where you can add 2 to 4 boxes that can fill the empty space.

They can open and close swiftly over the castors while moving on the floor.

This is the best way to put the space to work as you can place extra clothes and linens inside these storage cabins.

Therefore, the number of boxes changes according to the size of the furniture.

Can you put a regular mattress on an IKEA bed frame?

It is essential to consider the mattress size while purchasing an IKEA bed frame. Many people consider the size of frames, but they overlook the size of the mattress.

You have to look at your mattress size before getting the wooden frame. These frames are not available in standard sizes, and each frame is different from another.

They keep changing the sizes of the frames, so you cannot rely on them. However, you can place a mattress of regular size on the wooden frame.

It is better to consider its weight-holding limit before placing a mattress over it.

All the regular mattresses are budget-friendly, and you can add them over the wooden frame after getting from IKEA.

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