Do Dining Chairs Have to Fit Under Table?

Do Dining Chairs Have to Fit Under Table?

Many people like to place chairs under the dining table to make the room attractive. You can enjoy your meal with the family members with the addition of more chairs around the table.

Do Dining Chairs Have to Fit Under Table? You can put dining chairs under the table as it takes less space and makes the room look bigger. In addition, there will be fewer chances of spillage, and it reduces the risk of hitting when you arrange the chairs. Sometimes, it makes noise and scratches the floor when you drag the chairs outside. You cannot place the armchair under the table as it touches its surface.

Sometimes you cannot place the chairs because the table has legs very close to each other.

Why Do Dining Chairs Have to Fit Under Table?

It is better to choose the table with distant legs so that the chair can go under it.

Take less space

Many people prefer to place the dining chair beneath the table because it takes less space.

You can arrange the other furniture items such as a coffee table, couches, and other things according to your wish.

In addition, you can also decorate the surrounding area with decoration ornaments, vases, and a side table. 

Many people like wall painting and artwork, so you can hang the portraits on the wall behind the chairs. The decorated wall will be visible when you place the furniture close to the table.

Easy to clean

It is better to set the furniture in your home so that you can clean its surrounding area easily.

For example, when you place the dining table at the side, you can clean the floor quickly.

Sometimes it is difficult to go under the table and remove the dust from the furniture’s surface.

For example, when you place the dining table with short-height chairs, you can easily clean it from all sides.

Moreover, you drag the furniture, take it outside and wipe the floor. After cleaning, put it under the table and mop the remaining area.


It is better to prefer the dining chairs under the table for comfortable eating. There is a gap between the apron of the table and the chair so that you can sit comfortably on it.

In addition, you will not face any difficulty in handling utensils and meals. Your back will remain straight when sitting on a chair shorter than the table and having dinner.

You can enjoy your lunch and dinner with your family with the addition of extra furniture. However, it is better to arrange them together with minimum gaps.

Decrease the risk of hitting

The arrangement of furniture matters a lot in the sense of hitting and damaging. For example, it is better to put the chairs under the dining table to avoid them hitting.

If the furniture remain outside the table, your leg and foot can hit the furniture. You can decrease its chances by arranging everything wisely in your home.

Sometimes you carry the food and pass by the dining table to take it to its place. If you mistakenly hit the furniture, the utensils will drop on the floor.

Less spillage on a chair

When the chairs are under the table, there will be fewer chances of spillage directly on the surface of the furniture.

Many people have a large dining table with twelve chairs for four family members. 

It decreases the chances of spillage in case something falls on the table. In addition, it will not damage the upholstery of the furniture.

Keep the chair clean

If you want to keep the chairs clean, you can cover the seating area with the table. However, it is better to put them under the table to keep the seating area safe and dust-free.

In addition, it also protects the upholstery from scratches and sunlight. Sometimes children take their toys near the dining table and put them on the chairs.

The sharp edges of the toys damage the polish or upholstery of the furniture when they come in contact with its sharp edges.

You can protect the furniture from further damage by appropriately placing them in your home.

Make the room look bigger

You can arrange the chair under the table to make the room look bigger. Many people live in small apartments and flats with many furniture items.

It is better for them to decorate the interior so that the room will look bigger. For example, placing the furniture with the table gives a spacious look to the room.

You can pull the chair and put it back in its place after eating. You can arrange a large dining table even in a small house.

Is it safe to put a dining chair under the table?

It is safe to arrange the chairs with the dining table so that its seating area goes under the table. However, sometimes people face the following problems with this arrangement.

Scratches on the floor

Some chairs have legs that have sharp edges, so it damages the floor.

Many people place the carpet under the dining table to decorate the room according to the interior. It damages the carpet’s surface when you drag it again and again.

You can protect your floor and carpet by placing them with plan edges of legs. In addition, you can reduce the chances of scratches by placing the carpet pads under the legs of the chair.


Whenever you drag the furniture on the floor, it creates irritating noise. For example, many people prefer to place them beneath the table and drag it out when they sit.

It creates irritating noise when you drag it on the floor. Sometimes you place the metallic furniture in your home; it produces noise more than the wooden chairs.

You can lift the chair about 2 to 3 inches from the floor by holding it from the backside and putting it out from the table. Moreover, you can also set the carpet under the furniture to reduce the irritating sound.

Damage to chair legs

One of the significant disadvantages of placing the chair under the dining table is that it damages the legs of the chair.

Many people like stylish and thin leg chairs to give a modern look to their home. Sometimes their screws and joints are loose and unbalanced.

The dragging of the dining chair to keep it outside the table weakens the legs and breaks in rare cases. You can tighten the screws, repair the joint, and replace them with the new ones to solve this issue.

How far does a chair go under a table?

The placement of dining chairs depends on the two factors. One is the size of the seat, and the other is the width of the tale.

Generally, the chair seat size ranges from 16 inches to 20 inches, depending on the size of the dining table. For example, if you place the chair with 18 inches seat, it will be under the table.

Many people like to place the dining table with a center spot so that the whole seat is under it.

Should dining chairs with arms fit under the table?

There is only one type of chair, an armchair, that you cannot place under the dining table. 

If you have more space in your home, you can put the armchair and keep it outside the dining table.

It is better to place them without arms on the dining table o make it classy. 

How much space should be between the chair and the bottom of the table?

Ideally, the space between the chair’s seats to the dining table’s apron should be 8 inches to 12 inches. 

Many people buy dining tables with chairs from the market, but some ask for customized measurements according to their choices. It will be challenging to sit if there are less than 8 inches of space between the chair and table apron.

If you already have furniture and want to use them for the dining tables, you can adjust the length by cutting the length of the legs to adjust the gap between the seat and the lower surface of the table.

Can dining chairs be shorter than table?

The dining chairs should be shorter than the table so that you can sit easily and enjoy your meal. The total height of the chair, including the backrest, is longer than the height of the table.

Similarly, the height from the floor to the seat of the chair should be shorter than the height of the table. 

Ideally, their height ranges from 28 inches to 32 inches for the dining table. If you select the 30 inches of the chair, it includes the height from the floor to the upper n of the backrest.

In addition, the height from the floor to the seat ranges from 18 inches to 22 inches.

You can longer or shorter the backrest height according to your choice and availability of the space.

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