Common Problems With Round Living Rooms

Common Problems With Round Living Rooms

Many people love constructing their living rooms in round shapes to give them a unique and appealing appearance. These look modern but have many problems that can worry people.

Common problems with round living rooms include difficulty adjusting carpets, furniture placement, and smaller appearance. In addition, people face issues in hanging curtains, creating the focal point, and using fewer furniture designs. 

Sometimes you have to invest more to finish the round living rooms because of edged walls that do not allow angled setting of furniture and other accessories. So you have to arrange the different items in them wisely so they cannot give an awkward look.

Round living rooms problems Solutions
Issue while adjusting carpets Mark the dimensions for perfect cutting
Furniture placement problems Adjust furniture in the center of the living room
The living room looks smaller Use a mirror and bright paints to make them look bigger
Issue with hanging curtains Use window tints
Cannot create a focal point Avoid adding chairs behind couches
Fewer furniture designs Use round tables, chairs, sofas, and bed

Issue while adjusting carpets

Many people cover the complete floor with carpets to give their living room a warm and cozy appearance.

The placement of these rugs on the complete floor of the angled room is challenging due to their curved dimensions.

It does not have smooth symmetry or straight ends that make the process easy. For example, adjusting carpets on the floors of the round living room is challenging. You have to cut them according to the angled shape of the interior.

The placement in the circular area is difficult compared to square or rectangular form. Sometimes you have to spend money to hire professionals to perform these tasks.

The adjustment according to the interior dimensions is difficult. Sometimes you cut more from the curved area, and the empty side gives an awkward look.

The extended end from the sides is also unsuitable and irritates you when you walk on them. The extended ends are due to improper cutting practices.

You can hire a professional to perform this procedure perfectly. Moreover, you can also use the removable markers to draw the circle on the carpets according to the room’s dimensions.

Cut the circular area to get rid of extra fabric on the sides of the walls.

Furniture placement problems

People also face issues with the placement of furniture with these curved walls. You have to align them centrally, which can sometimes create a mess.

You cannot adjust them along with walls because of their curved ends and undefined corners. People often place bookshelves and floor lamps in the corners of their living rooms for illumination and decoration.

Furniture with rectangular and square edges is not perfect with curved walls because you have to leave extra space behind the curved ends.

You cannot use the sectional and L-shaped couches because you cannot adjust them perfectly. These take more space length-wise because of their more sitting area.

The closed ends of the walls make their placement difficult and do not leave the walking area through their sides.

Avoid aligning the furniture on the sides of the walls because it covers more space. Instead, leave the space from the sides of the walls and adjust your sofas and beds in a central location.

It can leave a lot of walking space on the sides when you put them in a central location.

The living room looks smaller

Many people also complain that living rooms with round shapes look smaller than rectangular ones.

These look smaller because of the curved ends of the walls that cause an issue in the adjustment of furniture. Because of their bend end, you cannot put the two items on the same wall.

In addition, space also looks limited when you create a mess in the center of the room. Due to their curved ends, you cannot add a large bed or sofas.

These interiors look smaller because of the curved and overwhelming appearance of the walls than the straight-end ones.

It feels like bent corners take up most of the space, and you can make more space with straight walls.

The round walls are only suitable for placing small chairs with curved backs. Moreover, you cannot move with the flow while adjusting the sofas and bed in the same direction because of the limited space issue.

You can make your round living room look bigger by decorating its walls with a mirror. The use of mirrors gives a brightening effect and creates the illusion.

In addition, you can also fix this issue by using bold and bright paint colors on walls.

Issues with hanging curtains

It is challenging to hang the curtains on the round walls of the windows. In addition, you cannot install straight rods on the walls because they cannot adjust the curtains well.

Using a straight rod leaves the space between the widows and curtains. You cannot stop the entry of bright light from the outside and heat from the sun due to this gap.

You have to order customized rods for curtains hanging for their perfect adjustment. It is costly to invest in customized roads according to the dimensions and size of the windows.

These are also larger to cover the area properly. Moreover, you also have to select large curtains to hang on these larger rods.

Moreover, you can also fix the issue by using the tints or stickers on these curved windows to save money.

Stickers and window tints are less costly and save money for purchasing the drapes and roads for their placement.

Cannot create a focal point

People add different focal points to their rooms, including a fireplace, TV, or beautiful scenery so everyone can face them.

Creating a focal point also gives better communication opportunities because everyone is facing the same point.

Creating the focal point in your living room with the proper furniture arrangement is difficult. You have to adjust everything according to the dimensions of the walls.

People often arrange the sofas in the center of the living room and add chairs on one side. It disturbs your focal point when you are sitting on a chair.

You can fix the issue by avoiding adding chairs on the backside of the couches. Instead, try to adjust them on the sides so they can make better eye contact and see the TV screen.

Fewer furniture designs

You cannot use the furniture of your old house in the round living room. It increases your budget because you have to select the items according to them.

Square and rectangular chairs, sofas, and beds do not look good according to their dimensions. Moreover, you cannot fit them perfectly with curved walls.

You can only use the large round couches with them, which can save space and go perfectly with their dimensions.

It is also necessary to add round beds, coffee tables and chairs with them.

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