Can You Use a Console Table as a Dresser?

Can You Use a Console Table as a Dresser?

Converting the old console table into a dresser for placement in your bedroom is a cost-effective solution. You do not have to purchase the new one, and you can use them with little modifications. Paint them with new colors and give them a furnished appearance.

Can You Use a Console Table as a Dresser? You can use the console table as a dresser for your bedrooms because of the large space on its top, drawers, and shelves. Moreover, these are larger and fill up the extra space in the room, and you can add a customized thing to it. It is better to add a chair, mirror, and accessories to make a perfect vanity area.

Tables with drawers and shelves are best for dressers because it provides an additional storage area for placing various accessories and decoration equipment.

How can you use a console table as a dresser?

You can make the proper vanity area in your room by styling the console table with different things. It takes a little effort, but you can add customized things according to your choice.

Adding chair

Add the chair on the front side of dressers so you can do the skincare and makeover without getting tired.

It is tiring for some people to stand in front of dressers for longer. The design and size of the chairs also matter.

Select the design according to your already present furniture. Consider the height of the chair to adjust them according to the mirror.


You can select the mirror according to your style, like wall-mounted or hanging type. The wall-mounted and hanging type is best because it does not require more space on the table.

You can hang or mount them on the wall with nails or glue at an adjustable height. You can also use different styles of mirrors that can add decoration.

The ones that contain wooden boundaries are best to give a rustic and antique appearance. Match the color of the wooden boundaries with your furniture.


You can add accessories to them like jewelry, perfumes, and makeup so that they can look like the perfect dresser in your bedroom.

Moreover, you can add lamps for decoration, get more light when you get ready, and do makeup for perfection.

You can also put large decorative bowls made of glass material to place jewelry on them. The glass jars are also suitable for putting hair bands and makeup brushes.

Why would you use a console table as a dresser?

Many people repaint their old console tables and use them as dressers in their rooms to dress up. It can provide you large storage area for the placement of clothes.

Enough space on top

You can use them as a dresser and put them in your bedroom because of their large surface area. In addition, the large surface area on the top with thin legs provides a greater surface area for storing different things.

You can easily put your makeup accessories, skin care products, and perfumes on them. In addition, the larger surface area is also beneficial for decoration purposes.

You can put several decoration pieces on the sides to give an appealing appearance. You can also display your jewelry items on the top of the table for decoration purposes.

Reusing console table

Reusing your old furniture with little modification is the most cost-effective solution. Many people do not waste their old wooden items and repurpose them with creative ideas.

You can reuse your old console table in your home and make a dresser to put in bedrooms. It is the cost-saving option instead of selecting the new one from the market.

You only have to paint them according to your favorite color, which is less costly than a new piece of furniture.

Fill the space in the bedroom

These tables are larger than the dressers and take up more space. In addition, it has more width, length, and height, which can occupy empty spaces.

Sometimes the room is larger and looks dull, so you can put them on the sides of the bed to fulfill the space.

It can illuminate your room, and it looks aesthetic with these accessories. It is also helpful to illuminate the dull corners that are empty.


There is an option for customization for decoration and styling. You can customize your old console table according to your choice and preferences.

Many people cannot see the desirable product from the market because they have different ideas.

You can add them according to your choice and what looks suitable in your room. In addition, the color of the paints also changes their overall look.

Many people love to add glittery and shiny paints to increase the illumination of a room and make their furniture attractive.

You can paint them with your desired color and give them a customized appearance. Match the shade of the paint with your existing furniture and surrounding walls.

Drawers and shelves

Some console tables contain drawers and shelves and provide more storage than the simple ones containing thin legs and flat surfaces.

You can use them as a dresser because of the presence of shelves and dressers. Most of them contain two drawers and one shelf along the length of the table.

Use the drawers to place your clothes and other valuables, while shelves are suitable for decoration.

Use the artificial plant pots or lamps on these shelves for decoration.

What can a console table be used for?

People place console tables everywhere in their homes for the placement of decoration pieces.

Most people add them in hallways and living rooms to add attractive decoration pieces and make the empty spaces less boring.

You can add decorative bowls or lamps on them to illuminate the dull corners of your room. In addition, it can make the hallways and living room fulfilling by occupying the space.

You can place them against the walls and mount large-screen TVs.

You can also use them as drawers in your bedroom because of their shelves and larger surface area on the top.

Things to consider when using a console table as a dresser

I always consider the height of the console tables when I am using them as a dresser in my bedroom. The ones that are of lower height are more suitable than taller ones.

The taller ones sometimes look unattractive and do not completely match your furniture.

In addition, it is also necessary to paint them with matching color of your already present furniture, so it does not look different in your room.

The shape and design also matter a lot in accessing the storage area. The ones with drawers and shelves on their bottom are the more suitable choice.

Moreover, you should also consider the space in your bedroom because these are larger. The dressers take up less space, and you can easily adjust them.

You can only use them if your bedroom is larger and has more accommodation space.

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