Can You Use a Bathroom Sink in the Kitchen?

Can You Use a Bathroom Sink in the Kitchen?

The bathroom sink contains a beautiful bowl that you can fit either below or over the kitchen counter.

Can You Use a Bathroom Sink in the Kitchen? You can not use a bathroom sink in the kitchen due to its small size and less durability. It has clogging issues because of the small size bowl, and you need to manage its height because the bowl is placed over the counter. In addition, it can damage the utensils due to its heavy material, and it is challenging to clean. However, many people like to add a bathroom sink n the kitchen due to its stylish and modern look.

People like to install a sink in their kitchen that makes their work easy. You have to make a wise decision by choosing the durable product that goes well with your cutlery items.

Small size

The bathroom sink contains a small bowl placed over a marble counter. The primary purpose of using this sink is to wash your hands.

The sink has no other purpose other than just washing hands, and it is designed like this. However, it is not suitable for dishwashing because it is smaller than the kitchen sink.

It becomes challenging to manage the utensils in this sink, and you need to wash them more carefully.

Less durability

The material of the bath sink is ceramic, which is not appropriate for kitchen use. In addition, this material is not durable because it is not strong enough to use in the kitchen.

It is used only for washing your face and for brushing your teeth, so you do not need strong material than ceramic.

If you use it in your kitchen, it can break because of continuous use, and the utensils come in contact with it that can cause its damage.

It is placed over the counter, so its edges are at high risk of damage.

Do not look good

The bathroom sink’s design, material, and size are according to its use. So it does not look good to use such kind in the kitchen.

There is not enough space in the kitchen counter to install this sink because it is placed on the counter and does not fit underneath.

It does not give an excellent look to the kitchen because a big bowl is best for it. Therefore, you cannot get appropriate benefits if you install it in your kitchen.

Expensive to install

It is made of heavy marble that needs proper installation. In addition, it needs clippers and safety nuts to mount it on the counter.

You need a professional person for this purpose who can fit it appropriately in its place. In addition, it needs more cost because it is heavy and needs extra care.

Many people cannot afford it, so there is a lesser use trend in the kitchen.

Clogging issues

You have to manage many things when cooking food in the kitchen. 

You can also face clogging issues because of the dirt and dirt particles that block in the sink while washing the dishes. You can use a plunger in the sink to fix this issue.

The bathroom sink bowl is smaller than the one used in the kitchen, so it is challenging to wash the dishes. In addition, it creates a blockage, and water does not drain appropriately.

These vegetable peels are stuck to the drainage point, and a mess is created in the kitchen because of water that spills on the floor. This can also result in the gurgling sound from the drain.

Lesser height than the kitchen sink

The bathroom counter usually is lower than the kitchen counter; therefore, it is not good to use it in the kitchen.

If you fix your counter at the same height as the kitchen, you may face issues using it.

Its bowl is placed at a certain height on the counter, so you cannot reach the tap and feel difficulty washing the utensils.

If you wash the dishes in this position for a long time, it can cause pain in your back.

Water splashes

The tap of such sinks does not fit in the bowl. You cannot open the high-pressure tap because water will come out of the sink.

You do not need high-pressure water in the bathroom sink, but you need more water for dishwashing. It causes a problem because water spills out on the floor.

You need a long wall tap in the kitchen with such sinks because water splashes to move out of it. 

It is better to use a big-sized product in the kitchen to fix this problem.

Damage to utensils

These sinks can not hold heavy objects because they are made of ceramic. As a result, it is challenging to wash utensils, and many people complain about these issues.

It causes damage to the bowl, and you cannot use it for a long time. 

Also, the utensils are heavy, and they can break if they fall in the sink.

Kitchen accessories, including knives, plates, glass, and pans, are not lightweight, so you cannot wash them at a time in such a small size sink.

Stainless steel is suitable for the kitchen sink because you can easily manage many dishes in it. However, you cannot place the glass items in the ceramic bowl because it can break your utensils or even the sink.

Stainless steel is a lighter material than ceramic, so you can quickly put the plates and dishes in it.

As the marble comes in contact with the glass, there are chances of its breakage, and its broken pieces can get stuck in the drainage.

Difficult to clean

The bathroom sink is not easy to clean because the soap gets stuck to it, and you need a specific detergent to clean it.

You can use a kitchen stainless steel sink that is more durable, and its washing is easy. You can clean it by using hot water, which removes the greasy material.

The other point is that the stains are prominent on the sink because the material used in its making is quite different from the kitchen.

So I always use the steel sink in my kitchen to fix this problem. You can also disinfect the sink without using bleach.

Single partition

This sink contains a single partition, while the one we use in the kitchen is mostly double partitioned. It becomes easy to handle the utensils in such a big bowl.

You cannot use this option in the double partitioned kitchen sink in which one side is used for placing the pots with oil, and another side is for their washing.

Why do some people use bathroom sinks in the kitchen?

Many people use bathroom sinks in their kitchen due to various reasons. Here are the details:


If there is a small space for the kitchen, then most people use this sink in the kitchen, which looks beautiful in a small area.

The other benefit is that the counter is also free, which provides space to put dishes on it.

Easy to install

It is easy to install because you do not need some specific method of fixing it. You just have to place it on the counter and attach it with glue.

You do not need any drill machine to make holes for studs’ fixation. Moreover, you do not need any specific tools for its adjustment.

The other factor is that you do not specifically need taps fixation on the walls, but you can adjust the taps with the bowl, making its installation easy.

Modern look

These sinks placed over the counter with the bowl give a stunning and trendy look. People use such a kind of vanity, which looks unique and beautiful.

It gives a modern look because the kitchen sink is made up of stainless steel.

Granite is an expensive marble used for vanity, but many people do not afford it.

Difference between a bathroom sink and a kitchen sink

There are many differences between the two sinks. Both serve different functions and differ in their shapes and size.

The kitchen sink is made up of steel, whereas it is made up of ceramic in the bathroom. Therefore, these are not suitable for washing dishes and vegetables.

The other difference is that the bathroom sink contains a tap fixed with a bowl, whereas in the kitchen, you have to drill holes in the wall for its fitting.

The kitchen sink can be double partitioned, containing only one compartment.

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