Can You Use 2 Mattresses Instead Of A Box Spring?

Can You Use 2 Mattresses Instead Of A Box Spring?

Many people add box springs with the mattresses to protect the beds from damaging impacts and increase their height.

 You can add these metal frames as a foundation to increase the longevity of bed foams by reducing wear and tear.

Can You Use 2 Mattresses Instead Of A Box Spring? You cannot use 2 mattresses instead of a box spring because it cannot create a solid and comfortable foundation to sleep. Moreover, they do not allow air circulation, resulting in heat and moisture buildup inside the layers leading to the germs accumulation. It reduces the durability of the beds and voids their warranty. In addition, they can cause storage and cleaning problems because they are heavy to move and fold. It is better to choose some other sturdy foundations for your mattresses like the milk crate base, adjustable beds, wooden slats, and platform beds that can create a gap between the bed and the floor.

This box avoids sagging and bending and keeps them cool by allowing proper air circulation.

In addition, they are good at absorbing the shocks as the springs can resist the pressure.

Many other alternatives are also available to execute the similar function that these metal frames are performing.

Why can’t you use 2 mattresses instead of a box spring?

There are many reasons for the incapability of a mattress to replace a box spring like it cannot provide a solid and sturdy foundation.

Uncomfortable and weak foundation

You can feel uncomfortable when you place mattresses over one another as a supportive base.

This box provides a solid foundation where you can sleep without any fear of slipping off. It is better to place it directly on the floor rather than weak support.

Moreover, these soft surfaces provide a cozy place to lie down that helps maintain a proper body posture.

In addition, they start to break due to uneven pressure on some points that are not sturdy to tolerate the weight.

Moisture accumulation

The performance of foam reduces when you add them over another because there is no passage for air to cross through them.

The body produces sweat and oils, which enter the pores and block them. The heat buildup can disturb you by providing extra warmth during summers.

Additionally, moisture can accumulate in the foam close to the floor. It can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria that are not good for you.

So, it is better to avoid stacking because it can block the airflow inside the foam. As a result, the moisture droplets cannot evaporate due to lesser airflow and allow molds to grow.

Unstable surface

Wobbling is a common issue when placing foam on another because it creates an unstable base. In addition, you cannot turn over while sleeping because they can displace due to motion.

Extra weight on the bottom bed can crush the foam and makes it unusable within a short duration. Therefore, you have to follow the instructions to make them durable.

Voids warranty

It can void the warranty of your products if you do not follow the handling instructions. They do not allow the users to stack the foam on top of each other.

You cannot ask them to replace the damaged products on a warranty basis because they mention the policy’s rules.

According to the warranty policy, you have to place them on a wooden frame or slats.

In addition, there should be proper airflow to prevent moisture droplets from accumulating under it.

Reduction in durability

The longevity of foam reduces due to their piling because the pressure increases on the lower one.

It results in the formation of depressions and dips in the center. Furthermore, they can bend on the sides when the size does not match the lower one.

Hard to maintain

It is challenging to clean the floor because the second mattress touches the floor. You have to remove both of them to wipe out the moisture.

The allergens can accumulate inside the foam when you do not clean them regularly. The dust particles build up inside the pores, and you have to face dust mites problem.

Difficult to store

It is a metal frame that can easily be stored in a small space because it can easily fold into a compact size. However, you cannot fold them, requiring a large area to place.

The inner springs inside the foam can get damaged when you try to roll them forcefully.

What can I use instead of a box spring under the mattress?

There are many other options for placing a mattress when you do not have a box spring.

You cannot put them on the same base; instead, adjustable beds and wooden slats are good choices.

Adjustable beds

They provide extra comfort through adjustable features. For example, you can elevate the head or leg side of the bed for better blood circulation.

Commonly, you can see these types of furniture in the hospitals, but they can be an excellent addition to your room. In addition, they can help maintain the perfect body position for reading and watching TV.

Milk crate bed base

You can create a base by arranging the milk crates side by side and attaching them using zip ties. Moreover, you can also add wooden plywood on the ends or top of the base for better support.

It is better to replace it by reusing the milk crates of no other use. You can adjust its height by placing only 1 to 2 crates at maximum; otherwise, the base becomes unstable.

Moreover, these plastic crates contain air gaps that maintain the temperature and evaporate the drops of sweat.

Wooden slats

The wooden slats are cheap alternatives that help maintain continuous airflow through multiple inner layers.

You can add horizontal wooden strips to the wooden frame by screwing them to keep them in place. It is an inexpensive way of providing support to the foam.

They are thin and lighter in weight but cannot beat the durability of the springs. So, you can add these wooden stripes to avoid sagging efficiently.

You can also add a wooden slat foundation instead of using only strips on the frame. It gives extra height to the platform, and you can install it easily.

These wooden slat foundations provide extra benefits like cost-effectiveness and improved air circulation.

Platform beds

Platform beds are the frames that provide a solid platform for the foam. You can add wooden slats over them, so that does not disrupt the airflow.

It gives a contemporary look to your room, but it can cost you more than the wooden slats.

Instead, you can get a platform bed in different styles like minimalistic designs.

In addition, some modern and classic frames are also available, like floating beds and the traditional ones with four posts and drapes all around.

They can intensify the airflow and not allow moisture droplets to block the air pockets.

However, they cannot tolerate excessive weight and are hard to maneuver.

Can you use an old mattress instead of a box spring?

Many people use old mattresses as a base for the new ones to give an appropriate height to the bed. However, it does not allow proper airflow due to blockage of pores.

The dirt and moisture can block the air pockets and prevent efficient air circulation.

It results in the production of extra warmth that can be uncomfortable for you on hot days.

This box is a better choice as it can maintain better air circulation and keeps the platform cool.

Furthermore, the old furniture can contain dust mites and bacteria that pose a risk to your health. So, it is better to avoid placing the old one and use a box spring on your bed.

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