Can You Put Furniture on Wet Carpet?

Can You Put Furniture on Wet Carpet?

Many people put furniture back on the carpeted floor right after cleaning, but it is better to show patience and wait until it gets dry to avoid inconveniences.

Can You Put Furniture on Wet Carpet? You can put furniture on wet carpet, but you have to place a protective cover before placing a heavy sofa or a table on the floor as their wooden legs can leave dents, bad odor, and wood stains on the carpet. Furthermore, it can affect metal frames and glue bindings and cause wood warping. 

Proper air circulation is essential for quick drying, and air passage gets blocked when you put on a sofa having no legs.

Furthermore, the areas under the trunk and sofas remain wet for many days and pose a risk of mold growth.

Can you put furniture on a damp carpet? 

The carpet cleaning process involves the removal of furniture from the room to get better access to the fabric, as it can interfere with the cleaning.

Some people cannot wait for the completion of drying time after cleaning a carpet, particularly when they have little space in their home.

Ideally, placing furniture on a wet surface that still needs some time for complete drying is not a good practice.

However, you can place a sofa or a bed on the damp floor when you have no other choice, but you have to put plastic protectors below the legs of the furniture.

Furthermore, it needs almost 24 hours for complete drying. Therefore, it is better to be patient until it dries, or you can make use of a dryer to evaporate the moisture.

What happens if you put furniture on a wet carpet?

It is better not to hurry to place furniture on the wet carpet as it can affect the fabric and even cause damage to the wood or metal frames.

Leave dents in the carpet

The heavy furniture compresses the soft fibers of the carpet when wet and leaves dents on the area where the legs of the sofa are touching the floor.

These dents become visible when you change the furniture position to place it in a new location in another room. This is because the fibers get compressed due to the continuous stress of weight.

In addition, you have to make efforts to re-plump it by using ice as they are not permanent dents. However, it is good to avoid the formation of these dents to improve their longevity.

Appearance of wood stains

Wood stains consist of pigments, binders, and solvents to mix powdered ingredients and make a good consistency of the stains.

The dyes can penetrate deep into the wood material, while pigments remain on the top and give a beautiful color to the wood material.

Moreover, these wooden stains lose their color when continuously exposed to moisture in the wet carpet.

Accordingly, you can see stains on the fibers that can enter deep into the carpet and can only be removed using acetone.

Rusting of metal frame

Continuous moisture exposure to metal surfaces leads to rusting of the metal.

Placing furniture on a wet floor can affect its own quality as the metal frame of the bed or a table begins to corrode.

In addition, rust stains can also be transferred to the fiber’s surface, which looks like brown spots on the areas close to the point where the legs of the furniture are touching the floor.

Bad odor

Carpet needs time and exposure to air for drying, but drying time increases when you place furniture after 1 or 2 hours of cleaning.

It can restrict airflow as a few sofas have short or no legs that can disturb the air passage and keep the fabric moist for a long time.

A foul odor begins to produce after a day or two if it does not get dry within 24 hours, which can make it challenging to sit on a sofa or the bed.

Furthermore, it can cause the growth of mold on the soft and moist fibers of the carpet, which can create a problematic situation.

Affect furniture glue

The glue helps join two surfaces and used in the manufacturing process of furniture to join two wooden pieces together, like closets, dressers, and sofas.

The presence of water or moisture drops locked inside carpet fabric can affect the strength of the glue, as these adhesives convert into foamy and soft material.

Moreover, its polymeric structure begins to degrade in the presence of moisture resulting in a lowering of strength that can affect the furniture ultimately.

How do you put furniture on a wet carpet?

You can put furniture on the wet carpet only when placing any barrier restricting the direct contact of wooden legs.

Moreover, you can put plastic protectors under the legs as they can efficiently protect the wooden or metal material from warping and rusting.

These protectors can be removed after completely drying the carpet, which usually occurs within 24 hours on average.

In addition, foam blocks are a good alternative to these protectors that can act as a potent barrier. Aluminum foil tabs are also good to use when shifting furniture on a damp carpet.

Wood and cardboard protectors can also be used to protect wood material from damage associated with moisture absorption.

How long does It take a wet carpet to dry?

The time taken by a wet carpet to get dry depends on different factors, like the method used for drying and external weather.

A hot temperature in the summer allows quick drying as water drops can evaporate within 5 to 6 hours as sun rays promote the evaporation process.

Moreover, humid conditions and poor air circulation in the room can slow the drying process as the moisture leaves the fabric in around 10 to 15 hours.

The cleaning methods involving hot water extraction and dry cleaning extract water out of the fabric quickly, and you can put furniture on the carpet after 4 to 5 hours.

However, some professional cleaning staff use fans blowing air to make it dry quickly, as they understand that walking on a wet surface can affect the fabric.

Furthermore, this drying time can extend from 24 to 72 hours if there is high humidity in the external environment and poor ventilation.

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