Can you put a rectangular coffee table on a round rug?

Can you put a rectangular coffee table on a round rug?

A coffee table is an essential part of the furniture to put in the lounge. It adds versatility along with providing practical benefits.

Can you put a rectangular coffee table on a round rug? You can put a rectangular coffee table on a round rug to utilize the old rug and make your room look good. It is better to measure the size of both items and then place it in front of your sofa. Furthermore, you can put various items on the coffee table and match them with your room decor.

However, you better take notice of the measurements of both items so that they can complement and enhance the style of the living room. Then, you can add elements that match both and uplifts the décor.

Why would you put a rectangular coffee table on a round rug? 

You can place whatever type of furniture you like in your home. People prefer to put matching shapes and colors together.

However, there is no rule for not placing a rectangular coffee table in your living room.

Easy to access

Placing a rectangular coffee table in a lounge can provide easy access to it. In addition, the lounge is a space that is spacious enough to accommodate all family members. 

You need easy access to it when all people are sitting around it. Everyone wants to have a space to put their cups or mobiles on it.

The rectangular furniture can be within everyone’s reach as it is longer. Furthermore, putting it on a round carpet can give you the option to sit on the floor.

You get floor space because a piece of rectangular-shaped furniture on it leaves enough room. For example, you can place floor cushions to access the table conveniently.

Provides storage

It can provide more storage than the round. In addition, it can fit storage drawers. 

You can put magazines, runners, and sofa covers in it. It also provides space as its top surface is bigger.

Moreover, you can place your kids’ toys in storage as they usually like to play where they can see their family.

It is better to put their stuff in those drawers which are near rather than picking all the things and putting them in their room daily.

Uplifts the decor

The coffee table is the center point of your lounge as its essential to provide you with functionality, style, and aesthetics.

It is a centerpiece, which has a big participation in uplifting the décor. It is preferred in dark color because it looks natural and lively.

It can instantly add more to the lounge decor when you put it between the sitting area of couches and chairs.

It promotes cozy and inviting vibes to the place. The people automatically want to sit there and enjoy the aesthetics of the space.

Furthermore, it is not higher than the surface of the sofa but 2 to 3 inches lower than the sofa. You can have a balanced division of space in the lounge.

Rectangular furniture takes less space

A rectangular piece can give you more space to walk between the sofa and the table. It occupies less space as compared to other shapes as it is less wide and more in length. 

It adjusts well to the space, not occupying a big area or leaving any space. Moreover, it does not make the place look stuffed and crowded.

Furthermore, it depends on you what color and size work for you. For example, the light-colored one can make give more illusion of space.

The dark color can grab too much attention as it can make you unsee the other details of the lounge.

In addition, the round rug works well in curved architecture if you have a curved window in the corner of the room. The round carpet under it can align well with the walls and elongates the space. 

Utilizing an old round rug

The more logical cause of putting a rectangular coffee table on it is that you already have one in your home. 

You want to utilize it in your lounge, but you want a rectangular piece of furniture for the sake of storage it provides. It depends on your personal preference if you like a round carpet or a rectangular coffee table.

You do not need to spend more money to get new furniture and a rug to make them look good together.

Will a rectangular coffee table look good on a round rug?

It can look good on a round carpet and provide you with a new perspective on decorating the place. 

You can take it as a challenge to make them work together and change the ideality of the same shapes to look good in the same space.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with different aspects of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. It is acceptable to mix and match, and they can look way better than typical styling.

How can I make my rectangular coffee table look good on the round rug?

You should be careful when getting one of the things to put together in the lounge. The size matters to enhance the décor of the lounge.

You cannot be ignorant about sizes because their balance can elevate a place and destroy it. It looks like a minor detail, but it affects the overall perspective of the space.

The round rug should be bigger than it because the carpet needs to be seen and make its presence uplift the aesthetics of the room.

It should not be too small that all you see is a table and not too large that all you see is the carpet. You need both to express their style in their way.

The rug can be 47×70 inches in diameter for 35 inches long and 18 inches wide furniture.

Furthermore, you can match elements to make them more relatable to each other. For example, it is better to put a rug in contrast to the color of the coffee table.

You can put a carpet which matches its pattern, such as if it has straight grains, then you can put a carpet of the same weaving pattern.

In addition, decorate the top with things the same color as the rug. It will look aesthetically satisfying to look.

Moreover, the table should be 15 inches from the sofa and 1/2 to 2/3 of the sofa’s length.

What type of coffee table can you put on a round rug?

You have more options to place a coffee table of other shapes if you want. They come in round, oval, and square shapes as well. They all are available in different styles and sizes. 

You are free to put any shape you prefer for your lounge. It can look good as long as you maintain the decor and style of the room.

A small table looks great if you have a small room, and you can try various shapes to enhance your room decor.

I have added an oval-shaped coffee table in my living room near the sofa, and it looks awesome.

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